7:55am Thu Feb 23, 2017
THE campaign to clear Newark and Sherwood of litter continues to gather pace. The latest development in the fight sees the district council teaming up with Keep Britain Tidy as part of this year’s Great British Spring Clean.
Parking problems
7:42am Thu Jan 12, 2017

It appears the problem of parking on streets off London Road, Newark, began with the introduction of a residents’ parking scheme on William Street a year ago.

Naturally, the next street started to get a bit congested at times, and if people are banned from parking in that street, then the next street will suffer, and so it will go on until every road off all the main roads will be attracting extra revenue for the council in the form of parking schemes.

It might be prudent, when people are thinking of living in a street without driveways, that they research whether or not there will be room for all their vehicles outside their house, some being rather large four-wheel drives, flat-bed trucks and large vans.

An average small terraced house, as in Whitfield Street, has a frontage of around four metres.

Interestingly, the length of a carpark space is five metres.

It would appear from the article, Residents To Vote On Parking Permits (Advertiser, December 29) that the problem, for some, is not so much the parking but the distance to be walked from the vehicle to the house — a parking scheme would not guarantee anything different.

Whitfield Street residents have previously voted against a parking scheme.

— A. KEENE, Whitfield Street, Newark.

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