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Why the Civic Type R Mugen is so exclusive

In life many of the best things are only available in limited numbers, giving them an exclusive feel and those lucky owners that can get their hands on the products in question have the feeling that they are one of just a fortunate few. This is the case with many products, whether it is expensive watches, football memorabilia or even original signed paintings, the product significantly increases in value when there is only a handful of the exact same product available anywhere in the world. The same thinking applies to cars, and that is why the new Civic Type R Mugen is an exclusive vehicle that only a select few people will be able to drive and in turn experience the thrill of sitting behind the wheel.

The Type R Mugen screams exclusivity, as this limited edition car is hand-built by Honda engineers in the UK to meet the exact specifications that are requested by the individual customers. As a result you will not see many of these cars being driven around on UK roads, where they have been rigorously tested, as there are only a specified number of the limited edition vehicles available.

This gives the lucky owners a great deal of pride in the fact that they are only one of a very small percentage of people who have had the opportunity to drive a car that has been specially worked on and developed for the UK market.

The Type R Mugen 200, which has been inspired by the Civic Type R Mugen and based on the Type R GT, is limited to just 200 cars in the UK, meaning that there will be only 200 lucky owners of this exclusive car in the UK. These cars feature unique Mugen body parts, 19 inch lightning alloy wheels, a rear Mugen badge and an interior number plaque that is individual to each car. That plaque is completely unique and you will not find another customer in the UK who has the exact same number, giving it a further exclusive feel.

The Championship White colour, which is steeped in the history of Honda’s success in competitive racing over the years, is even more exclusive and there are just 20 of these cars being hand-built in the UK to customer specifications.

They are the first Mugen-tuned engines on the British roads and will definitely stand out from the crowd, and these Championship White Mugens are the car to go for if the standard Mugen isn’t quite exclusive enough for your specific tastes. The Championship White Hondas take on some of the tradition of Honda’s past racing success and current ambitions, and it looks stunning too.

The Civic Type R cannot boast the same exclusivity of the Mugen, but the car is most certainly unique in its own right and is quite different to many similarly sized and powered sports cars that are available on the market. Much of this is due to the forward thinking looks of the Type R, as in the design process the Honda designers well and truly pushed the boundaries of modern design and created a great looking car that is ahead of its time in many ways.

From the flared wheel arches to the sculptured leather seats, the car is aesthetically pleasing both on the interior and exterior, and is very different to its rivals and in this sense the designers have achieved what they set out to do.

The Type R has a certain attitude about it that is garnered through both its individualistic looks and its power under the bonnet. As far as the compact sports car market is concerned, the Honda Civic Type R completely rips up the rule book and throws it out of the window, refusing to follow in other car manufacturers’ footsteps and setting new rules for itself.

This disobedience helps the car to give off a feeling of menace, something that will attract many people to the car and drivers of the Type R immediately become putty in its hands as they fall in love with everything that the car is about.

The attention to detail that Honda have put into making every car in its range is no more apparent than in the Civic Type S, which helps to make the car feel just as special as its more exclusive and expensive models. Throughout the design, development and manufacturing of the Honda Civic Type S the driver has been at the forefront of the designers’ and manufacturers’ thinking every step of the way.

From the advanced safety features that the car has, to the comfort that every driver will feel when sat behind the wheel, as well as the passengers, the Type S is a special car that is not lacking in terms of performance either.

The Civic Type S can be modified by the customer to ensure that they get the car that they want and one that is right for them. Not only can each customer choose the engine that they would prefer, whether that is the 1.8 litre petrol engine or the lightweight 2.2 litre turbo diesel engine, but you can also select the grade, the transmission and of course the colour of the car.

There are also many features that you can add on to the car to make it feel that little bit more special, with a selection of wheels and accessory packs available that means that few Honda Civic Type S vehicles are exactly the same.

Throughout the range of Honda vehicles each car is unique and offers customers something different, but in terms of exclusivity the limited edition Civic Type R Mugen delivers it in abundance. As a sports car it certainly stands out from the crowd and out of all of the sporty Civic models, the Mugen is the one that offers the greatest performance and the closest experience for drivers to sitting behind the wheel of a racing car.

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