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Spicing Up your Sunday Dinner

Everyone loves a good Sunday roast. The perfect complement to any weekend, it’s a chance for family and friends to get together over a good hearty lunch. But there’s plenty of ways to spice up (quite literally) your traditional chicken recipes. Search for some online recipes for inspiration and you’ll no doubt look forward to your Sunday lunch as early as leaving the office on Friday afternoon.

It’s important to cater for vegetarians, too. If you’re inviting friends and family around for Sunday dinner, ensure you make a good alternative for the non meat eaters. There are plenty of fantastic vegetarian recipes online to inspire you in the kitchen so make sure you have a good scour before you start cooking. A good nut roast will usually go down a treat, as will standard meat alternatives like Quorn and Tofu. Delicious served with a selection of vegetables, ensure you follow the guidelines correctly for cooking meat alternatives.

Schwartz offer a great range of gravies for pouring over that succulent roast chicken, turkey or joint of beef. Quick and extremely easy to prepare with simple, easy to follow instructions, they’re also tasty and healthy and an ideal complement to your Sunday evening meal.

Why not spice up a standard mashed potato by adding cauliflower and cheese. This makes for an exciting addition to any Sunday roast; simply add one table spoon of Schwartz parsley flat leaf, to 25g of butter, as well as adding in 1 small cauliflower and a small onion. Other ingredients include 100g grated cheese, 175g peeled and diced potatoes, 4 tablespoons of milk and 1 tablespoon of Schwartz Easy Garlic. Finally, sprinkle in some Schwartz sea salt and black pepper to season.

There’s plenty of recipes online which include a delicious array of herbs and spices for jazzing up your potatoes – ensure you get a full recipe before you set out making your mash. Mix some Schwartz Garlic and Herb Mash spice with your potatoes for an interesting and delicious kick.

Scour the internet for alternative online recipes for mash or boil 450g of peeled potatoes in unsalted water, draining and then adding a knob of butter, 3 tablespoons of milk and some garlic and herb seasoning. Add margarine instead of butter for a healthier alternative and add a little bit of grated cheese for an extra something. This is also great served with sausages or on top of a delicious fish pie, this makes a tasty alternative to standard plain mash.

How about a tasty Beef Wellington for Sunday dinner? Easy to prepare, it’ll no doubt be a hit with the whole family and there’s a great range of herbs and spices to accompany it. Making Beef Wellington is simple and there are plenty of online recipes to show you how. You’ll need 1 tablespoon of Schwartz Perfect Shake Season-All Special Blend, as well as a 900g succulent fillet of beef, 25g butter, 1 tablespoon of olive oil, 225g of coarse liver pate and 2 tablespoons of brandy. Also going into the mix is 2 tablespoons of Schwartz Parsley Flat Leaf, a 375g packet of ready made puff pastry, an egg to glaze, flower to dust and salt and pepper for additional seasoning. Perfect – and if that doesn’t make your mouth water I don’t know what will!

If you want to skip the traditional roast chicken Sunday dinner, why not go for something a bit more exotic? Chicken fajitas spice up any meal and can be served with roasted vegetables or a cold well dressed side salad in summer. Getting your Fajita seasoning right is key – ensure you go for something that’s not too spicy, particularly if you’ve young children who don’t like their food too overpowering. Serve with garlic and herb potato wedges as an exciting alternative to homemade chips.

For something a little different, why not have a look at some online recipes for beef wrapped in pancetta with chicken stuffing and cinnamon carrots. Yum! To season the meat, one table spoon of Schwartz Juniper Berries should do the trick, as will 2 Schwartz bay leaves and one table spoon of rosemary. To prepare braised cinnamon carrots, you’ll need 325g of carrots, peeled and Julienned, along with 15g of butter and 400ml of beef stock. The carrots are beautifully seasoned with one Schwartz Star Anise Whole, two cinnamon sticks and one bay leaf. Perfect!

If healthy eating’s your main priority when it comes to cooking, try to go easy on the heavy, creamy sauces and cheesy mashed potato with your Sunday roast. Opt instead for some simple new potatoes, lightly seasoned with some rosemary or garlic and a little bit of margarine.

Alternatively, if you’re having a night off from healthy eating, why not pour some honey and mustard sauce over your roasted potatoes and serve with beef and plenty of vegetables. A creamy pepper sauce is the perfect complement to meat, too.

Don’t forget the stuffing with your Sunday lunch. The perfect addition to any roast, stuffing is a favourite in most households. Prepare your own from scratch, using Schwartz garlic granules, as well as their sage and thyme. Remember to season with a little salt and pepper and you’ll have the perfect stuffing!

Why not make good use of your Sunday dinner left overs on Monday by preparing a healthy lunch to take to the office. Use what’s left of your roast chicken to combine with a fresh salad or baked potato. Alternatively, use the smaller bits of chicken, as well as the chicken stock, to make a tasty, hearty soup. Ideal for winter, it’ll be perfect combined with some crusty bread.

Alternatively, make yourself a cold chicken baguette, seasoning with Schwartz salt and pepper. For a healthy lunch that’s quick and easy to prepare, use your left over vegetables to prepare some tasty stuffed aubergines, which also work just as well as an accompaniment to a main meal.

And remember - variety is the spice of life!


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