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Your guide to fashionable fridges

Whatever gadget you’re looking to buy, the first thing that’ll strike you is whether it looks stylish. We live in a world where aesthetics are very important and it’s no different when you come to buy a new fridge freezer. What it looks like and whether it’s fashionable will be two or your main priorities.

When you’re eyeing up a fridge you’ll be thinking to yourself, does that fit in with the rest of my kitchen or will it stick out like a sore thumb? Standing out from the crowd isn’t necessarily a bad thing, and many of the freezers certainly demand that you take a second look at them.

The fridges that really make a fashion statement are the American style fridge freezers. These highly polished fridge freezers not only look the part but will also give you ample storage space to keep all of your food chilled and frozen.

A side by side fridge freezer enables you to store your food in style. From the well-known brands that you can select from online, the three choices of colour are the traditional white, stylish sliver and sleek black. All of them have a sheen that’ll help catch your attention, while the brushed stainless steel fridges are the ultimate in modern fashion.

The fridges available are far from being style over substance, with a Bosch fridge freezer in particular offering you enormous capacity. The Bosch KAD62S20 American-style fridge freezer has all of the features that you’d expect to find in an appliance of its nature.

The state-of-the-art freezer has a twin thermostat control and a multi-airflow cooling system so that the exact temperature you want can be achieved. In addition, the fridge features electronic locks to stop your little ones from getting their hands on something they shouldn’t. It’s even health conscious as well as the air flow in the fridge is kept fresh and anti-bacterial protection is provided.

The A+ rated fridge freezer is energy efficient and highly functional. Offering you 23 cubic feet of gross capacity, enough to store food for your family no matter how big it is, the fridge will keep your food in the best possible condition. The two drawer freezer can store enough ice cream for the whole summer and you certainly won’t be short of room for storing ice cubes to keep your drinks cool.

If cold drinks are what you’re after this summer a drinks cooler might be just what you’re after. Such an appliance can be used in addition to a fridge-freezer, with the sole purpose of keeping your drinks cool for any occasion.

Whatever your drink of choice, whether it is a cold lager or a dry white wine, you can ensure that your beverages are kept ice cold. Each drinks cooler is large enough to store soft drinks for the little ones and something a little bit stronger for yourself, with plenty of space to keep dozens of beer cans cool if you’ve invited the lads over to watch the big match.

The Samsung RW33EBSS Drinks Cooler is a high class appliance that ensures that your favourite tipple will be kept in a convenient place. There’s nothing worse than a warm drink on a hot day and by getting your hands on a drinks cooler you’ll never have to suffer that experience again.

A drinks cooler is a perfect addition to your house if you’re looking for a little extra storage space but already have a modern and fashionable fridge freezer. The Samsung drinks cooler can comfortably store up to 33 wines bottles, while both upright and horizontal racks allow you to store drinks on their base or their side. If you do invite some friends over they’ll not only be impressed by the drinks cooler, they’ll also be thoroughly enjoying sipping an ice cold drink.

Drinks coolers help you to give you some extra refrigerator space, but what if you’re in need of further freezer storage capacity? A chest freezer is the perfect kitchen appliance to give you enough space to store all the frozen peas and ice cream you could ever want.

A silver Norfrost chest freezer really looks the business. A generous 6.2 cubic feet of capacity will instantly increase your freezing potential, and with baskets included in the design you can keep your favourite food within reach and accessible at all times.

Finding space for a large American style fridge freezer or extra individual chest freezers and drinks coolers can be difficult if you’ve got a relatively small kitchen. Modern kitchen design solutions still allow you to have a top of the range fridge, however tight for space you are.

Integrated refrigeration is a great way to store food out of the way. A built-in under counter fridge not only allows you to store food in a situation where you’re short of space, but it also hides the fridge away out of sight and won’t detract at all from the design that you’ve painstakingly followed for your kitchen.

The Beko BL20 under counter fridge is one example where you can achieve 130 litres of refrigeration storage capacity and maximise the little space you have in your kitchen. The A-rated fridge is also energy efficient in addition to being space efficient, and you can keep your kitchen looking uniform.

The best way to buy a fashionable fridge is to head online and browse through the vast selection of fridge freezers from the comfort of your own home. By browsing on the Internet you can also find yourself the best deals and then have your new fridge delivered straight to your door.

Each fridge freezer available will be ideal in a different situation and it’s down to you to select the one that suits you and your house. You can rest assured that you can get your hands on a fashionable fridge that not only looks the part, but will provide you with substance as well as style. If you need a new freezer for the summer sun, don’t miss out on the great deals that you can find online.

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