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Playstation 3 Guide to Games and Accessories

The Sony Playstation 3 is the ultimate games console for gamers of any age and is at the cutting edge of games technology. Building on their previous form with the excellent Playstation 2, Sony’s PS3 has transformed gaming in the 21st century and provides an unrivalled experience for console enthusiasts. The PS3 is much more than just a games console though, as the top-notch technology that’s featured in the console allows you to watch Blu-ray films and digital TV.

The new Playstation 3 presents you with your most immersive gaming experience yet, as you can enjoy breathtaking high definition gaming and experience playability that is second to none. The PS3 even has support for 7.1 channel surround sound, so not only can you see every image in crystal clear detail, but you’re also thrown into games head-on with all the stunning sounds captured perfectly around you. Games have never been more realistic and you truly get the feeling that you are part of the game, not just a gamer controlling the action.

As you would expect there are plenty of games to choose from on the PS3, and action-adventure fans and strategy game fans alike are both presented with a wide range of stunning titles. Series of games that have been big sellers for a number of years such as the FIFA football games and Tekken beat-em-up games still feature on the PS3 and continue to be amongst the console’s most popular games. While many other exciting games like Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 can be bought as part of a PS3 bundle that can be modified to meet your needs.

You’ll find many types of bundles online to get you started so that you can get playing your favourite games right away. The recently released Playstation 3 Slim console has all the features of the original console but just looks that little bit better, the slick and stylish console is a real thing of beauty. The slimmer console is much lighter, quieter and cooler than ever, making it easy for you to take it round to your mate’s house and enjoy some multiplayer gaming.

If you want the best console out there then the 250GB Sony PS3 is the one to go for giving you a bigger hard drive and more memory than the 120GB console and meaning that you will never run out of space to save your best scores and game progress. Both have massive processing and graphics power, and neither of the extremely reliable consoles will leave you wanting more, but the 250GB console will give you ample space to store all your favourite games and much more.

The PS3 comes with a bunch of accessories that mean that you can start playing games right away. All the accessories that you would expect to be provided are there, such as a wireless controller that allows you to slouch on your couch to your heart’s content, as well as everything that you need to experience the latest in High Definition gaming.

There are a whole load of PS3 accessories that you can buy, which will make your gaming experience that bit more enjoyable. The Wireless Keyboard is a must for first person shooters, and games like Killzone 2 just shouldn’t be played without one. The Wireless Bluetooth Headset is another bit of nifty kit, which will give you the experience of being on the front line and shouting orders to your fellow troops.

For those people that are budding singers the Sony SingStar Wireless Microphones make you feel like you are at a Karaoke night down your local, and you can sing all of your favourite tunes and show up your mates with a rendition of Kylie or Madonna. There will be no stopping you when you’re launching into the chorus, and you can be a pop star for the night at least and let your hair down by having a good laugh and a sing song.

The PS3 is of course much more than just a games console and boasts Blu-Ray functionality, definitely holding its own as a stand alone Blu-Ray player. You can take a break from thrashing your mates at Gran Turismo 5 and watch the latest Hollywood blockbusters through your very own home cinema system. The console even boasts video chat functionality through the Playstation Eye Webcam, so you can chat to your mates wherever in the world they may be and challenge them to a game!

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