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You can't get much for £5 these days; a pint of beer and a packet of peanuts down the pub or a sandwich and a cup of tea for lunch. Well, how about unlimited texts for a whole month?

Now you can get just that with a new mobile network. Offering all the value of a contract deal without signing up for one.

Keeping costs low by stripping out the nonsense and business gibberish that often comes with the larger mobile phone companies, this new fun company puts you first. The SIM only network means you can get hold of a mobile phone SIM card to pop straight into your existing phone.

Pay anything from £5 to £35 and get hold of a goodybag which can be added straight to your mobile phone. If you're a big texter, you can get unlimited text messages for just £5.

If you rely on your mobile for much more than the odd text message, spend £35 and you'll get a goodybag which includes unlimited texts, unlimited phone calls and unlimited Internet. How's about that for a great deal?

But there are loads of other great deals on offer, too. Just £10 will give you 100 free minutes to UK mobiles and landlines, as well as unlimited texts and Internet for one month. For £5 more you'll get a massive 300 free minutes to UK mobiles and landlines, unlimited texts and Internet.

Text message rates start from just 4p on certain tariffs and pay as you go mobile SIM card deals and you can make phone calls from as little as 8p per minute, too. Just check out various unlimited text offers to reduce your mobile phone spending even further, too.

giffgaff’s pay as you go SIM only option allows you to add as much credit as you want, as and when you need it. You'll avoid paying an expensive monthly fee for using your phone and be charged only for what you use.

Check out the best pay monthly mobile deals online to ensure you get the very best deal for you. Pay monthly tariffs vary depending on what you'd like to use your phone for. It's important to check out the various offers, as well as goodybag bundles, to see what will work best for you.

But it's not the be all and end all if you don't have a goodybag or you've used all your texts and phone calls up. With this new network you'll get great rates on text messages and phone calls anyway, meaning you'll never be out of pocket.

With a pay as you go SIM card, you'll receive all the great rewards that come with a contract without the cost. Get a free SIM card on a pay as you go option and you'll never look back.

You'll be entitled to free calls to others on the same network after signing up, as well as great prices on UK and international phone calls. The friendly online forums on this new network give members the chance to earn cash for their mobile phone via word of mouth advertising.

Order your free mobile phone SIM card and you'll receive it in just days, allowing you to enjoy the great rewards almost immediately. Ditch your old SIM card today, log on and see what all the fuss is about - you won't be disappointed!

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