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Enjoy the freedom of unlimited phone calls with giffgaff

Mobile phones have become one of our most important possessions. They’re something that we couldn’t live without. Our mobile is something that we want to use all the time, but like many things aren’t keen on paying over the odds for. If you don’t have a contract phone you’ll be used to having to reign in on chatting to your mates, but if you could take advantage of unlimited phone calls you’d be on the phone all the time, right?

Your mobile phone should offer you the freedom to chat to whoever you want whenever you want, but if you’re limited by a pay as you go phone then you’ll be restricted by the cost of making calls and sending texts. In theory, getting a pay as you go phone should save you money as you only have to pay for what you use, but in practice the cost of using your mobile results in you having to top up your phone more regularly than you’d like, and the costs soon mount up.

With the help of a free SIM card pay as you go deal you can have the freedom of being able to use your mobile all the time without being worried about racking up a huge bill at the end of the month. Access to unlimited airtime and unlimited texts will break you free from the shackles of your pay as you go past and you’ll be able to use your mobile to its full potential. Instead of just saving it for important conversations, you can natter away to your heart’s content and catch up on or spread the gossip yourself!

You might think that unlimited texts and phone calls are limited to people who take out a long contract on their mobile, agreeing to pay a certain amount of money a month for a year, 18-month or two-year period. Now though, you can access the perks of a long term contract without being tied down to the same phone and same network for an extended period of time. This can be done by getting a free SIM card and transforming your mobile use for the better.

All you need to do is apply for a giffgaff SIM card. Then you can text as much as your friends who are stuck on a long term monthly deal. Simply choose your desired goodybag to suit your monthly mobile use and then get texting and calling. You have the flexibility to choose the bundle that is right for you, whether that be a £5 goodybag that gives you unlimited texts for a month or a £35 offer that not only gives you unlimited texts, but also unlimited calls and unlimited mobile Internet use.

You don’t have to be restricted by these bundles either, as if you plump for one of the cheaper goodybags and go over your monthly limit, then next month you can just upgrade to a package that will more than cover your increased mobile use.

To set you and your mobile free head online and register for your free SIM card to get the best pay monthly mobile deals; standard calls start from 8p to UK mobiles and landlines, and text messages are only 4p.

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