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A Guide to Bike Insurance

There is nothing like the freedom of riding a motorbike in the UK. You can avoid traffic jams, make the most of spectacular scenery, enjoy the weather and also get the exhilaration which you simply don't feel behind the wheel of a car. But one of the more boring aspects of being a responsible bike rider is making sure that you have your bike insured. But what is bike insurance and how do you get the best deals?

Motorbike insurance is one of the few insurance policies that are compulsory to purchase in the UK, along with motor insurance. If you are a motorbike rider, you will be familiar with the yearly chore of searching through comparison websites and specialist insurers to find the best possible deals for bike insurance online. It is never a fun job, but knowing why it is necessary and why it costs so much might just make it seem a little more worthwhile.

Insurers use a number of methods to determine the cost of your insurance premium. The first is the type of bike you own. The larger and more powerful the motorbike, the higher your premiums are likely to be. Finding triumph motorbike insurance online for your prized Daytona sports bike will likely cost you more than insuring a Honda Cruiser. Clearly, this is based on the replacement cost to the insurer, but is also to do with the likelihood of an accident. Larger bikes travel at faster speeds and may cause more damage to other vehicles due to their weight. Older bikes are also likely to have higher premiums as the parts to fix them are more expensive and harder to find.

How you use your bike will also be a determining factor in your premium costs. If you only use it infrequently you can expect to get a cheaper quote, but if you travel to and from work each day or are a courier, your premiums will be higher. This also ties in to the time of the day the bike is used. If you travel during peak times you may end up paying more.

How you store your bike and the security measures you take influences your insurance quote. Just like your home insurance, having a good quality lock and alarm system will lower your premium. If you keep your bike outside it is recommended that you lock it to a secure immoveable object. If it is kept in a garage, it needs to be kept locked at all times. If you are using locks and immobilisers, be sure to use the companies which insurers recognise to get the full financial benefits.

Your own traits will also have an impact on your insurance quote. Those who are younger can expect to pay the most for their bike insurance, while women are statistically safer riders. Men who are middle aged are increasingly becoming represented in accident statistics, so this age group may see an increase in premiums too. Your employment could also be a factor, particularly if you are a courier.

Naming another rider on your policy could also add to your insurance costs. If it is a young male then unfortunately this could have a detrimental effect on your premium.

There are three main types of insurance which you can get for your bike. Third party will offer the most basic level of cover and will only pay out to third party claimants. Your bike will not be replaced. This might be a good option if your bike is not very valuable.

If you decide to get third party fire and theft, your insurer will cover your bike if it is destroyed by fire or theft and for any damage caused to another vehicle, but will not pay out for damage to your own bike. A fully comprehensive policy will give you full cover for both yourself and your bike and for anyone else involved in an accident when you are at fault.

Most bike insurance policies offer extras as part of your cover. Depending on how much you are willing to spend you could opt for legal cover, accident cover to pay for hospital bills or if you are unable to work you could get an insurance policy which will help you until you are able to do so. The self employed may find this particularly helpful. You can also get breakdown cover.

Breakdown cover is probably one of the better types of additional insurance available. Many insurers will offer it as part of their standard policy and it can be a life saver if you find yourself broken down. In many cases, a breakdown company will be able to get your bike going again or will transport you to the nearest garage.

Finally, ensuring that you have no points on your licence is the single most important thing you can do to avoid hefty increases in future insurance premiums. This means staying within speed limits, always wearing your helmet and keeping your bike taxed. It might sound obvious but there are plenty of people out there who fail to do all of these things and pay the price.

Getting the best deal on your motorbike insurance comes from a combination of factors. As we have seen above, many things are beyond your control such as your age and occupation. But choosing the best bike, keeping it safe and staying within the law will always result in lower insurance premiums.

A sure-fire way to find the best deals is to use comparison sites or to approach specialist insurers. Insurance companies which deal exclusively with bike insurance will be able to offer you tailored advice. If you run an older classic bike they may be the only insurance option.

Getting bike insurance may be compulsory, but you do have the ability to manage the costs

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