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With the summer now in full swing, and with BBQs and garden parties to look forward to, there will soon be many more opportunities to have friends over or to attend a get-together. While it is often easy to decide on what to feed friends at a BBQ, it can be much more difficult to work out the best wines to have. Should you opt for red wine or white wine? Is champagne suitable? Once you have decided, how on earth do you choose between Riesling and Chardonnay? Then there is the whole issue of buying it and getting it home.

It may seem like too much bother and much simpler to head to the supermarket and buy the first reasonably priced bottle of plonk you come across. The only problem with that is that you may end up embarrassed by your choice, or no one wants to drink what you have bought.

This is where mail order wine companies can come to the rescue. Not only do they have a wealth of experience and knowledge, which they are willing to impart, but you have the convenience of a delivery service and great prices.

If you choose to buy wine online for your summer party, you know that you are able to take your time and choose the best possible wine to match the food you will be eating. Don't worry if you don't know what that wine might be, because you have a range of experts at your fingertips. Most online wine clubs have pages which describe each wine, which foods it matches with and even information on where it comes from. You will really impress your friends with your wine knowledge without even having to leave the house.

While supermarket staff may be knowledgeable about the store, they are unlikely to know very much about wine; that simply isn't their speciality. However, you can be sure that an online wine supplier is going to know their business inside and out and will be more than willing to pass that knowledge on to you. In addition, you won't be tempted by all those extra goodies at the supermarket.

One of the concerns which people have about buying wine at a supermarket or at their local wine shop is that they may have a limited supply of their favourite wine or it may be hard to get the number of bottles you want to purchase. Most supermarkets will have limited supply and you may have to settle for something which isn't quite to your taste. Buying online makes this scenario much less likely. As the wine is stored in a large central warehouse (and the website will tell you how many bottles are available) you will almost never have an issue with getting as many bottles as you need.

Then there is the problem of getting all of that wine home. Supermarket plastic bags are notoriously thin and wine is expensive, so smashed bottles are something you want to avoid! Clearly having a delivery service is a great way to avoid mishaps. All you need to do is order the wine you need online and wait until it is delivered. In most cases this will be within a day or two; so, even a last minute order can be catered for.

Finally, you may need to consider price when you are searching for the best summer wine. You want something which is reasonably priced, great value for money and something which your friends will think you spent a fortune on. Online wine clubs can offer this. They do not have the overheads associated with retail stores. They don't have to pay for sales staff, lighting, advertising, shelving and all those other things which can bump up the price of supermarket wine by quite a margin.

Online wine shops simply offer good wine at a great price. In addition, you also have the advantage of one of the many special deals which an online store can offer you. This might include free delivery, points which add up to discounts or even money off if you buy a case rather than a few bottles.

So, as you can see there are plenty of reasons to get your garden party wine from an online wine shop rather than dragging yourself to the nearest off license. Let someone else do the hard work while all you have to do is a little online surfing.


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