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Buying Cheap Caravan Insurance: What to Look For

Every year, more people are opting for caravan holidays. Whether this is your first caravanning experience or you’re a regular caravanner, it’s essential to remember to insure your home-from-home against accidents that can ruin a holiday. In order to make sure you get the best deal on your insurance there are a few things you can look for to get the perfect caravan insurance quote.

Paying for a holiday can be a financial hit without insurance on top. Whether you have made the investment and own the caravan yourself, or you are renting, insurance for caravan is a must.

There are different types of caravan, from touring to static, each of which has its own specific insurance requirements that need to be met in order the get the best deal.

Touring caravans, unsurprisingly, have the highest rate of insurance claims per year. Towed on the back of a standard motor vehicle, these types of caravan are more at risk of vehicle-to-vehicle accidents; they are also more susceptible to damage from side winds and incorrect loading.

Static caravans, however, are more likely to suffer from natural element disasters; falling trees and flooding. Both these types of caravans, along with trailer tents and motor homes, share a common risk: theft.

Something to be aware of when buying caravan insurance is that the general belief is that the cheaper the insurance, the less comprehensive the cover; this is not always true, though.

Things to look out for when deciding on which insurance to go with are:

  • Whether the contents of your caravan is protected against theft as well as the caravan as a whole.
  • If the insurance covers just the policy holder, or whether it extends to other people who may be borrowing the caravan for a holiday.
  • You must also be aware that older caravans are usually more expensive to insure; you can counteract this by installing appropriate security features to older models in order to bring the excess down.

Trips outside the UK are usually covered as part of your standard insurance, although for some companies there will be an excess to pay. Some insurers also have a time limit of how long you can take your caravan abroad; you will have to pay for any time you spend over this.

For people using their caravans in Europe, comprehensive cover, for both the caravan and the vehicle towing it, is essential. This will ensure that wherever you may be pitching up for the night you can sleep easy knowing you are covered.

With caravan holidays becoming more popular year on year, there are a whole variety of companies available to offer you insurance for your caravan.

However you use your caravan, there are specialist insurance policies ready to provide you with the guarantee that you are covered whatever may happen.


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