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Car Insurance Renewal

Car insurance can protect your car against theft, loss or damage – but what happens when car insurance expires? Will it renew automatically, or do you have to contact your provider?

Insurance policies usually run for 12 months. When your car insurance is due for renewal, your provider will usually send you details for the following year, including your premium, well in advance of your renewal date. You should read all this information carefully; if you’re happy with the renewal premium you can then proceed with renewing your car insurance.

If you usually pay your insurance in a one off payment by credit or debit card, you should be able to renew your policy by telephone. You can simply call up your provider, give them the details of your policy and renewal premium and they should be able to process your car insurance for the next 12 months.

If you pay for your insurance in monthly instalments by Direct Debit, however, you may not need to do anything. If you are in agreement with the renewal terms and do not notify your insurance provider otherwise, they may well automatically renew your policy and continue collecting the monthly payments. If for any reason this isn’t possible, then your provider will usually write to you to inform you.

Once your policy is renewed, you will be able to enjoy all the benefits of car insurance. With a reputable car insurance policy these include covering damage to your car or windscreen, personal accident or replacing locks. You may also be able to benefit from a courtesy car if your car is taken in for repairs, and some providers will even extend your policy cover into Europe for a limited period. It is a legal requirement to have car insurance; whilst you may be a safe and conscientious driver, car insurance will help protect you financially against life’s eventualities that happen on the road.

Your car must always be insured, so it is important that the renewal process is as seamless as possible. Contact your insurance provider if you are not clear on how your policy will be renewed at the end of each 12 month period – and they should be able to reassure you.

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