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Cheap Flights Make Holidaying Easier

Summer is upon us and it’s  time for a nice relaxing holiday; whether it's a week’s break to recharge the batteries or three weeks to really unwind, there’s nothing like some time in the sun away from the office to feel regenerated. The prospect of going away can be daunting, though, with Brits reluctant to open their wallet because of the tough economic climate. Luckily for the cash-strapped among us, though, there is an abundance of cheap flights to be found which can take you to where you want to go on almost any budget.

Whether it’s the beaches of San Tropez or the Rockies of Canada, the world is a big place and we all want to go to certain parts of it. With families, work, money and any number of other factors causing stress in our lives, it can be difficult to find the time to get away. The irony of this is that with all these hectic factors surrounding us, a holiday is exactly what we need. Holidaying has never been easier, either; within a matter of hours we can be on the other side of the world, walking barefoot along sandy beaches with the ocean roaring against our ankles. Alternatively, we can experience the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong before jetting off to the tranquillity of Portugal. Air travel has evolved enormously in a relatively short space of time, and along the way it has made the world smaller.

Nowadays, the flight booking process is easier. Whereas once it required the headache of a travel agent, now we can book holidays from our armchair, cup of tea in one hand and the mouse in the other. Just by going online you can book not only flights but also hotels and car hire as well, making it the ultimate one-stop-shop for all your holiday needs. As it offers the best hotel promotions and exclusive last-minute holidays, the Web can also provide you with the flexibility required in today’s world: you can simply book a couple of days off work for next week and then take your flight, hotel and car all at the same time. Whereas once booking a holiday required more time off just to recover from the ordeal, now it feels like your break has already begun.

The popularity of budget flights has exploded in the past few years, primarily because a mortgage is no longer needed for a trip to somewhere as close as Spain. For a few hundred - rather than a few thousand – pounds, you can even get to Canada, these days. With bargains like this, you’d be mad to stay home.

There is a holiday destination for everyone. Escape the overcast, dreary weather of the British Isles and jet off to the sun-soaked south of France, a glass of Pinot Grigio in hand and a view overlooking the glassy sea. You can then absorb some sunrays on the beach before enjoying a cool evening stroll to any one of many superb restaurants, whether you want to taste the finest seafood or a popular steak tartar. Imagine waking each morning to beautiful weather and no deadline to meet; you can have a leisurely walk to the bakery for some freshly-baked pain au chocolat and fill the remaining hours of the day any way you want, from a boat ride to a neighbouring village to exploring the local markets for some interesting treasures. You could even jump into the car and cross the border to Spain, and if you’re an art buff there’s always the Dali museum or even the Barcelona Gaudi cathedral to really blow your mind.

Alternatively, you could book cheap airline tickets and jet off over the pond to the US, where there really is something for everyone. Whether you want the scorching desert heat of the Grand Canyon, the delights of Las Vegas or the sights and sounds of New York, it’s pretty difficult to not be impressed with the States. The country is so sprawling and vast that you can hate one part and love another; if the bright city lights of the Sunset Strip aren’t for you, head down south to explore the open land. Mexico is just across the southern border, too, where you can go for delicious food and incredible tourist sites.

The phrase ‘the world is your oyster’ has never been more appropriate than it is today. We can book our travel, hotel and car hire within minutes; all that leaves is packing and getting to the airport to enjoy our holiday. With so many places in the world to see, it is almost impossible to get everywhere, but cheap flights have really opened the doors for us to explore as much as we want to. Even with the anxiety of job insecurity and wondering when Britain is going to get back on its feet, most people can still afford a budget holiday. What is really great about these is that they're no longer the same as the terrible package holidays of yesteryear, where a cheap hotel deal meant a dingy, damp room with a cockroach infestation and cold toast for breakfast. Instead, ‘cheap deals’ represent airline companies that are as safe, qualified and satisfactory as the more expensive ones, and hotels that make you double check the bill just because you think it should be much more costly than it really is.

So, book a week or two off, gather up the children and pick your destination, no matter where it is. The world is all yours to explore. At no point in history has it been so easy and cheap to visit another continent. Take advantage of these great offers and visit the places you've always wanted to visit, without breaking the bank.


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