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SofaSofa offers cutting edge and contemporary leather sofas from top UK brands

When picking out a sofa, you want one that’ll not only suit the design of your home but hopefully say something about how stylish and brilliant you are. A sofa can transform the tone of the room, taking the style you were going for and enhancing it, playing along with it or even contrasting against it entirely. So when buying a new sofa, it’s important to think about how you want the room to look and how you’re going to achieve it. A popular look at the moment is hyper-modern, a contemporary style that’s not only attractive but also extremely trendy; fabulous for fashion lovers and anyone who wants their living room to look just a little ‘vogue’.

So how can you achieve this look, and how can you do it easily and inexpensively? SofaSofa has a great range of contemporary leather sofas that are perfect for everyone, from just-starting-out couples to lively families and everyone in-between. And to get a look that is totally you, the Belmont range of sofas is the perfect choice. Not only can you pick and choose which sofas you want (including two, three and four seaters, as well as armchairs and sofa beds), but you can customise the leather upholstery and even the scatter cushions that the sofa comes with. Mix and match between different styles and patterns of cushion to perfectly work with your room; and if you’re feeling particularly creative you could even order spares and have a different sofa for every mood!

If you’re a creature of comfort, however, the Chino range is that rare breed: leather sofas that not only look good but are also extremely comfortable. Mounted on natural hardwood ‘bun’ feet, the sofas come with injection-moulded seat cushions and are available in a range of colours, from Oregon Claret (extremely elegant) to Caramel (yum). The range is fantastic for those who like relaxing after a hard day, and would look perfect next to a roaring fire in a living room, or even strewn with blankets in a nook in the kitchen.

And if you’re looking to really make a statement with your sofa, the Lexington range offers eye-catching prints that’ll draw admiration from guests and really stand out against the rest of your furniture. With a leather body and hand-studded front buttons, it initially looks like a regular sofa. But it’s the cushions that really make the difference to this piece, coming in a range of traditional, almost old-fashioned patterns that contrast perfectly against the modern leather of the body and instantly attract attention. The cushions themselves are not only comfortable but also filled with Extalife Fibre (the seat) and hollow fill fibre (the back), and the covers are fully reversible (for those who like to change their minds!)

The Lexington is a real ‘statement’ sofa, and as a result should be situated where it’ll best catch the eye. Try opposite the door to a room or right underneath the windows for maximum attention, or even by the front door to greet guests as they arrive. There’s no point having it if no-one will see it!

Aside from the design, when buying a sofa you also want something that is high-quality and value for money. It’s a big investment, so it needs to stand the test of time and the assortment of derrieres that lounge upon it: the last thing you need is expensive repairs or even having to buy a new one within just a few years.

For this reason, SofaSofa is the perfect choice for your design: stylish, carefully crafted sofas that are designed to last, thanks to their unique Premier Care fabric treatment programme that aims to strengthen the material and protect against spills. In fact, the only work you’ll have to do is choosing your favourite design!

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