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Credit is an option with an aqua credit card

aqua is a credit card provider in the UK that offers credit cards specifically designed to serve the needs of people with a poor credit history or rating. Two popular aqua credit cards are currently on offer and each boasts an array of fantastic features.

Before taking a closer look at each of those two options, let’s allay any scepticism about the concept of credit cards for bad credit. The principle behind aqua is very simple and has been outlined by aqua CEO James Corcoran: “Access to credit is a major issue for millions of creditworthy people who are often ignored by the high street banks. We are committed to making credit work for more people by rewarding customers and building long-term relationships.”

Exactly what kind of credit cards do aqua offer?

The Classic credit card not only boasts a sensible credit limit, but also presents an opportunity to boost any poor credit rating whilst enjoying manageable interest rates at the same time. The aqua Classic is also available to people whose banks or building societies have previously rejected them. It also offers an impressive rate of just 32.9% APR variable (Representative) as well as an array of additional benefits.

The aqua Advance credit card provides applicants with the opportunity to prove that any financial setbacks they may have previously suffered are now long forgotten. Provided their accounts are carefully managed, they’ll have the opportunity to reduce their annual interest rate of 34.9% APR by as much as 5% over a period of three consecutive years. As well as rebuilding their credit rating, the rate of interest being charged could eventually fall to as low as 19.9% APR.

There are many reasons why people may find themselves being turned down for credit. Credit reference agencies produce reports based on information taken from credit providers and public records (such as the electoral roll and County Court Judgements). These reports are then used by lenders to decide whether to offer credit to individual applicants.

By using an aqua card, you are able to rebuild your credit rating by responsibly borrowing and repaying money. All repayments should be paid in full and on time. By making full use of interest free periods, it’s possible to rebuild your credit rating without it costing you a penny.

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