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Dating Sites Don’t Have to Be Scary

Fans of The Office TV show, as well as those with experiences of online dating sites, will no doubt recall the Christmas special two-part series finale. In the second episode, long-time single chap David Brent sits in his former office at Wernham Hogg and sifts through a stack of potential dating profiles, giving them the most cursory of glances before placing them onto the ‘yes’ or ‘no’ pile. It was a gloriously funny example of the pitfalls of traditional dating sites. Fortunately, the approach taken by the eHarmony UK dating site is a little more thorough and yields much better results!

The guiding principle of eHarmony seems to be in stark contrast to many other dating sites. At eHarmony, finding a partner is less about developing short term, casual relationships of little substance, often based on little more than a quick judgement of the looks and interests of a potential match. There is no need to search through the thousands of profiles and add them to your ‘yes’ and ‘no’ piles. At eHarmony UK, the first benefit for the new user is that they do not need to do the searching at all.

The reason for this is that eHarmony UK takes a different view to how relationships work. It gets past the initial physical attraction based on looks or shallow interests and instead looks into deeper levels of compatibility. It is not interested in sending clients out on a large number of hit and miss dates, but on helping its subscribers to form lasting and meaningful relationships.

How a single person looking for a significant other would do this is by logging onto eHarmony.co.uk and registering their details. Once you are registered you can complete the eHarmony relationship questionnaire, which is the driving force behind eHarmony’s levels of success.

In fact, the title eHarmony UK dating site is perhaps something of a misnomer. Experts such as Dr Gonzaga have investigated and scientifically analysed what the characteristics of a successful relationship are and the findings of this in-depth study have been pivotal to developing the relationship questionnaire.

For example, did you know that over a third of people in the UK have remained for long periods within a relationship, even though they are fully aware that it is not beneficial to either party? A similar amount of people have even entered into relationships with people whom they know beforehand will make them unhappy!

Dr Gonzaga and her team of experts at eHarmony.co.uk have cleverly taken the results of these studies and additional research into what makes a relationship successful as well as what makes it fail. From these extensive studies they have developed the world’s first scientific matching system, based on the results of the in-depth relationship questionnaire.

This will not just list the bare bones of your personality, your looks, your interests and what you are interested in; it will also focus on the compatibility of two people as a potential match and it is the issue of compatibility that is at the heart of eHarmony’s success.

Compatibility, eHarmony believes, is a fundamental building block of a successful relationship. Compatibility, however, does not just derive from a person attracted to how another person looks, or what he or she is interested in. Instead, lasting compatibility between people stems from a shared belief in core values, beliefs and shared personality traits.

It is precisely these issues that are identified, addressed and utilised in the eHarmony relationship questionnaire. Your answers are then to form the basis of eHarmony’s judgement as to who would be the right match for you. The reason for this is simple; it is these areas of compatibility that have been scientifically proven as the cornerstones of a successful, long-lasting relationship.

Once an eHarmony dating customer has completed their relationship questionnaire, they can then submit it to the site and let eHarmony do the searching for them. Its powerful database will search through their thousands of profiles, looking for the people who best match your deeper levels of compatibility and then when it has the results it will forward them to you for you to browse through.

So confident is eHarmony of its chances of success that it is offering new customers the chance to log in, complete the questionnaire and receive a list of people that they have been matched with absolutely free of charge. Furthermore, for a limited period, eHarmony is offering customers a free personality profile.

The eHarmony service does not just end there. For many people, receiving a list of compatible matches is one thing, but actually contacting them is potentially awkward or a little embarrassing. Not every person is outgoing and blessed with a gregarious personality, so eHarmony helps further still, advising its clients via a guided communication service, which gives clear and concise instructions on how to contact a potential match in the friendliest and most effective way possible.

Arguably, the best thing about eHarmony that sets it apart from other websites is its commitment to honesty. On many other dating websites you are encouraged to sell yourself. On eHarmony, you do not have to; all you have to do is be yourself. There is no need to pretend to be someone you are not to try to appeal; instead, eHarmony will match you with people who find the same intrinsic core values that guide your life equally appealing.

For the single person who does not want to follow the path tread by David Brent, and who would prefer a deeper, scientifically proven and above all, successful, form of finding a long-term relationship online, then eHarmony offers a service that remains unrivalled.

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