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How to find the best car insurance deal

Bills, bills, bills… With the expensive Christmas shopping season approaching, we could all do with a break when it comes to paying our monthly commitments. With the credit and jobs squeeze, most of us have already done a lot of belt-tightening over the past three years. But can we do more?

Car insurance is one of those bills that we simply have to pay out for – no two ways about it. While we all hope we’ll never have to use it, without it we would be taking our lives in our hands every day. Imagine if your car skidded on an icy road and crashed into another vehicle? Or if your car was stolen from the street? These are the sorts of nightmare scenarios that car insurance protects against. While having it can't prevent disasters happening, it can make them much easier to resolve if they do happen.

The average car insurance bill in the UK is now around £1,000 a year. Years ago, the car insurance industry used to take a one-size-fits-all approach to issuing policies, but nowadays policies are tailored to suit the needs of each individual car owner. So if you have a policy that was not tailor-made for you, considering swapping it as soon as you can.

One of the best ways to assess which car insurance package is right for you is to use a comparison website. These brokers have a comprehensive list of the policies provided by both general and specialist insurance houses across the country. They are easy-to-use and cut out the hassle of having to contact each insurance company individually. When comparing however, do make sure you are comparing like-for-like cover - while one policy may appear cheaper, it might not give the same level of coverage as a slightly more expensive one.

Another way to find budget car insurance is to agree to a mileage restriction. This would be a particularly good idea for someone who lives in a big city and only uses their car occasionally. The fewer miles you travel, the less insurance you pay. In general, it’s always a good idea to speak to a broker or provider about your policy, as people who use their car for work or other purposes will pay a higher premium than those who don't.

By keeping your car in a garage and protecting it with a security approved alarm system, you can make yourself eligible for a discount on your insurance. From an insurance provider's point of view, keeping a car on the road poses a higher risk of theft than keeping it in a secure garage, so if you have a garage at home, make sure you use it to store your car and not to store boxes of junk which have overflowed from the house!

Limiting the list of drivers on your policy is a sensible idea when paying for car insurance. Some people like to have comprehensive insurance on a car and allow open driving, but many find that they never or rarely use this facility for which they pay a premium. If a relative or friend will be staying with you and you'd like them to be able to drive your car, just add them to your policy for the few days or week that they will be using the vehicle.

For more information about getting the best quote for your car insurance, click here.

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