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How to make your house move green

These days more than ever it's important to be kind to the environment and try and do the least damage possible. When it comes to moving home, you may not think that you're doing much damage, but don't forget that thousands of people move house every year adding up to thousands of gallons of fuel and tonnes of rubbish being created.

So if you want to limit the damage and save on UK removal costs you do to the environment and make your move easier too, then follow these tips on how to make your house move green.

Reduce, reuse and recycle before you move
A few weeks before your moving day, take time to sort out all your possessions and decide exactly what you need to keep and what you can get rid of.

Split your stuff into groups: the things you want to keep, things you can sell, things for charity and things that can be recycled.

To make some extra cash from your unwanted items you can take them along to a car boot sale, or have a sale out of your driveway or garage. Alternatively, you can use an online auction site to sell your goods over the Internet. You can also give things away for free on sites like Freecycle.

Take time out to take other unwanted items to charity shops or search for charities online that are looking for the kind of things you have. You could make someone very happy and get rid of unwanted items easily too.

To get the rest of your stuff recycled find a company in your area that deals with the type of goods you have. Some you'll need to take your items to, whilst others will pick them up for you.

You'd be amazed at the value of recyclable items and you may even find you can sell some of your possessions to companies that recycle the type of goods you have.

Choose green packaging
Boxes are essential for any move but why pay for brand new ones when you can find used boxes that will do the job just as well? You can find old boxes everywhere including supermarkets and shops, or the homes of friends and family.

Ask around to see if you know someone who has spare boxes and go along to your local supermarket and ask them to keep boxes for you. For many stores it's easier and cheaper for them to let you take boxes that it is to dispose of them, so they'll be happy to do this.

You can cut down on the amount of boxes you need by using empty drawers to pack your things in, which will also help you save space in the moving van too.

Make your move green
The less you have to move the less fuel you'll need to use, so decide whether you need a man and van or removal company – as if you can use a smaller vehicle you'll also use less fuel.

You can also find a green removals company online which offer things like carbon offset schemes which may plant a tree after each move, for example.

If you're not sure where to start your search then use a comparison site like The House Removals Company where you'll be able to find lots of different firms offering greener services and removals insurance.

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