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How to survive the school holidays

School holidays can be a bit of a mixed time for most parents. We all love having more time to spend with our children, however by the end of weeks of holidays, it’s understandable why many parents feel like tearing their hair out.

Here’s a survival guide to get through the next school holidays period.

Revive the board game craze
A number of the golden oldies have sadly been replaced by the likes of Wii, Gameboys and Nintendo. If you want an activity that gets everyone involved, and tears them away from the computer screen, crack out the old favourites from your childhood.

Games like Monopoly can stretch on for days, while Twister is more of a physical challenge for anyone with plenty of energy: it can be the perfect game for kids with a short attention span and who need to be physically active.

If you don’t have any board games on hand, you can make your own versions of classic games like bingo with just a few sheets of paper and some pens.

Be sure to introduce them to the iconic calls, as bingo-lingo such as Whinnie-the-Poo: 42 or Dancing Queen: 17 are sure to get some giggles.

Tip for the adults:
Don’t drive yourself mad during school holiday breaks and always make plenty of time for yourself. Board game time is the perfect chance for you to treat yourself to the odd flutter. Looking for some great bingo games? There are plenty of excellent Bingo games available online that will help you keep your sanity this school holiday break.

Get some culture
These days, museums offer countless school holiday programmes to try and attract and educate children of all ages. Try to make the most of these events, as they’re a fabulous way to incorporate education into their school holidays.

It also allows you to breathe easy knowing the sessions cater to their age group and attention span. Be sure to book early as places do fill up fast.

Tip for the adults
Why not invite a friend and their children along too? It gives you an extra set of hands, but more importantly offers you a chance for some much needed adult conversation.

If you’re trawling the net for exhibitions and events, make sure you keep an eye out for events for yourself too.

Get active
Bike rides, hikes or swimming classes are a godsend for busy parents. Any form of exercise teaches kids valuable healthy habits for the future. Most sport centres run school holiday programmes, which are a great place for them to make friends and use up any additional energy.

If the weather looks a bit dire, maybe opt for indoor swimming classes, or even enroll them into a lifesaving course.

Tip for the adults
With the kids burning up their extra energy, why not use the opportunity to catch up on that ‘get fit’ resolution you made last New Year’s Eve. Swim some laps while the kids are having lessons, or take part in a gym session.

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