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Invent a new bingo call at Mecca Bingo

Which languages can you speak? French? Spanish? How about bingo lingo? The rhyming phase that started out in Britain's bingo balls in the 1950s has now become one of the unofficial languages of the internet, as tens of thousands of people use it to converse in bingo chat rooms around the internet.

Learning to speak bingo is a skill that must be updated all the time. While many of the expressions that accompany bingo numbers have been around for as long as the language existed (88 Two Fat Ladies, for example), others change over time or vary from region to region. For instance, some numbers have multiple expressions. Did you know that the expressions Sunset Strip, All the Sevens, The Double Hockey Stick, Umbrella's and Two Little Crutches can all be used to denote the winning number 77?

Mecca Bingo, one of Britain's most trusted bingo brands, has decided that we now need more up-to-date bingo expressions and is running a competition to find the best new bingo call. Do you have it? You can make it up, and as long as it sounds like the number you are calling, it can be anything. Modern bingo calls invoke popular culture, music and fashion, so we now hear calls like Jimmy Choo 32 or Vindaloo 52 echoing around bingo chat rooms.

The competition is a good old fashioned popularity contest – whoever's bingo call has the most likes on Facebook will win £1,000 of high street shopping vouchers, the runner-up will win £700 of vouchers and the third-place winner £300. Not a bad little gift in the run-up to Christmas. What's more, just for taking part, Mecca Bingo will give everybody who submits an entry £5 free play.

If you're new to online bingo and aren't familiar with the lingo, don't worry. You'll quickly pick it up. In no time at all, you'll be calling out Sweet Sixteen when a friend gets the number 16 on their card. That's because online bingo is a very interactive game – while a game is being played, players can chat together about what is happening on a window on the right hand side of the screen.

In fact, most people who play online bingo say it’s the camaraderie between players, and not the prizes, which keep them returning to the games rooms again and again. Instead of seeing the ‘old faces’ that you might at the local bingo hall, you see the online monikers of your bingo buddies. Players tend to remain loyal to one bingo site, so you'll meet the same people when you go online.

If you're new to online bingo, why not take advantage of the amazing offer running for a limited time only? The folks at Mecca are so keen to share the joy of the game that they are offering new players to their site match funds of up to £50 when they first sign up. Not a bad Christmas present!

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