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Launch of New London-Based Exclusive Offers Website

Kelkoo has launched the brand new, exclusive online London-based service Kelkoo Select as a part of its ongoing expansion project in the UK.

As one of Europe’s leading comparison websites, the company has instigated a London-based service which offers members Kelkoo Select deals on the hottest events in and around the capital. The website puts forward daily offers to clients wanting to experience the finer things in life at a reduced price, with the deals on leading fashion products, premiere West End tickets, exciting family packages or even London’s prestigious set of select restaurants.

The launch has been supported by Kelkoo’s 10-year experience in the industry, which has helped millions of people research and buy products on the Web at the most competitive prices. The drive for the company to open its new wing, Kelkoo Select, demonstrates the initiative to thrive and grow as a whole and to capitalise on key opportunities.

Jon Miller leads Kelkoo Select's development process, a position he has held since joining from his previous role as chief operating officer at uswitch.com; one of the UK’s leading price-comparison websites. Mr Miller is hoping for his new branch to prosper under his management as it offers plentiful opportunities for the company to grow, with an eye on making Kelkoo Europe’s leading online shopping space.

"Kelkoo is currently one of Europe's largest e-commerce websites. Continual growth and development form part of the business’ ongoing strategy and the launch of Kelkoo Select provides an exciting opportunity for the business to develop a more localised and customer-centric service, as well as helping to establish Kelkoo as a leader in the online shopping space," Mr Miller explained.

"Our mission is for Kelkoo Select to make those indulgences in life that seem beyond our means and out of our reach, affordable and accessible for all."

Mr Miller will lead a team of 12 specialists, with Barry Holloway as marketing director and Mark Bower as commercial director. Mr Holloway has already played a core role in Kelkoo Select’s brand strategy, and boasts a concrete set of experience in the domain as he joined the company having previously held the same position at eHarmony; a leading UK service dedicated to finding partners online. Mr Bower joins the business from his previous role as lifestyle sales director at Lastminute.com and hopes to propel Kelkoo select into offering the best and most competitive deals in London.

Despite the service being dedicated to the capital’s residents, consumers who live outside London will be able to profit from Kelkoo Select offers as its products are delivered all around the UK. Kelkoo has also made some offers available for longer than other packages, giving clients up to 12 months in deciding whether or not they would like to commit to the purchase.

The managing director believes that it is key to distinguish Kelkoo Select as a different company from other potential suitors in such a competitive market. He continues to believe that the experience of his team will help propel the business onto success by effectively making substantial long-term relationships with customers through the selected deals.

Mr Miller went on to say: "The group buying space is a crowded market and it’s vital we differentiate ourselves from our competitors. It is for this reason that we have recruited some of the best talent in the industry to help develop a unique offering.

"Kelkoo Select will offer a premium customer experience, with the best quality offers and a focus on both products and services. We want every offer to be tested and rated by real people before going live to our wider customer base.

"Our goal is to foster long-term relationships with our customers and merchants and in doing this, we believe we can raise the bar in the daily-deals market and over the long-term build a deep understanding of our customers in order to provide increasingly relevant and tailored offers."

Richard Stables, Kelkoo's chief executive officer, hopes that the opening of a new branch will change the way in which the public shop online, and hopes to offer deals which no other competing business can.

"We are committed to continually evolving the Kelkoo brand through innovation, and adapt our business accordingly to fit with the changing ways in which consumers shop online. We want to offer our users compelling services that set us apart from the rest of the market. Kelkoo Select is another example of just that," said Stables.

One can get started with Kelkoo Select by registering an email address online, upon which you will receive notifications of the daily offers, which range from fashion deals to family adventures. Furthermore, the news service will allow you to take part in their exclusive events, including live Q&A with celebrities and discounted tickets to the country’s top gigs and venues.

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