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Liven up a Sporting Occasion with the Aid of Spread Betting

We’ve all been there: sat in front of the TV watching the latest sporting event that is about to send you to sleep, knowing that seeing how quickly your paint was drying would be more exciting. That doesn’t have to be the case, though, as you can bring a game to life by doing a bit of sports spread betting. This will help to make dull events more interesting and turn great sporting occasions into exhilarating events you cannot take your eyes off!

One event that certainly won’t be dull is the Ryder Cup, but by conducting some sports spread bets on the result of the classic golfing encounter you can ensure that your eyes are glued to every shot. Golf is just one of a number of activities you can bet on, with markets across many sports from football and tennis to darts and snooker, allowing you to choose the sport you have the most knowledge about and are therefore best placed to bet on.

To make a spread bet first you need to register on one of the websites of spread betting companies. Then it is essential that you get your head around spread betting, as it differs immensely from fixed-odds gambling and if you’re not fully aware of the pitfalls you could lose a serious amount of cash. This is because unlike fixed-odds betting, in spread betting you can lose more than your stake.

This is due to the conditions of the bet you make. You’ll be presented with a spread, which is essentially a bookmaker’s prediction regarding a sporting event. For the Ryder Cup, one market is the amount of points that either Europe or the USA will win by. The spread given is from 0.8 to 1.4, so if you think the winning margin will be higher you can bet accordingly.

If you think Europe will romp to victory at the Celtic Manor in Wales, then you would buy at 1.4. If you were indeed right, then the money you would win depends on your stake and the number of points Colin Montgomerie’s team win by. If you buy £10 at 1.4 and Lee Westwood and co win by three points, you’d stand to win £16. If it was really one-sided and Europe were comprehensive in their victory, winning by ten points, you’d win £86, showing that how much you win is dependent on how right you are.

In the above example you’d be cheering on Europe even when the result was inevitable, knowing that the larger the winning margin, the more money you’d win. It’s also worth bearing in mind how much money you’d stand to lose if the worst-case scenario happened and America retained the Ryder Cup with ease.

It is really easy to get into spread betting and the monetary rewards can be high. As with any betting you can of course win and lose money, but the main difference with spread betting is that you can lose more than your stake. Therefore it may be worth betting on markets in which you can limit your risk, or if you’re really confident then trust your judgement.

Spread betting can result in losses that exceed your original deposit. Remember to bet responsibly.


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