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Power Tools to Improve Your DIY

Is nervousness about DIY preventing you from making improvements to your home?

Taking a do it yourself approach and buying some essential power tools can be a rewarding option, providing you do some thorough research first.

If you are well organised and willing to work hard, you will be surprised at the number of new skills you can acquire.

They say a bad workman always blames his tools, but if you don’t have the right tools for the job then you won't get far.

This is why it is important for you to have the gathered information on what tools are best suited to your particular set of needs.

Here is a breakdown of some essential power tools every aspiring home DIY expert should have in their arsenal.

As a starting point by far the best tool you can purchase is a good quality cordless drill.

Cordless drills come in handy for a variety of household DIY jobs and have an advantage over powered drills because they can used anywhere without the need to be connected to the mains.

The downside of using cordless drills is they rely on batteries for power, which is why it is important to consider is the length of the battery life when choosing your drill.

If your DIY job requires wood cutting, then buying a handheld circular saw is a good idea.

Circular saws are ideal for making slots, grooves or shallow cuts in wood as the blade cutting depth can be adjusted.

They are available in corded and cordless varieties and can be fitted with speciality blades if materials other than wood need cutting.

For making accurate angled cuts in wood you will need a mitre saw, which uses a circular saw mounted on a base.

This saw uses the ‘mitre index’ to change the angle of the blade by increments of one degree.

A handy feature of the mitre saw is the laser guide, which provides a precise visual indication of where the cut will be positioned on the wood.

If you need to be able to cut through other materials such as metal, brick and concrete, handheld angle grinders provide an extremely efficient method of doing so.

Good quality angle grinders have a high standard of user comfort and are capable of coping with continuous use.

Using power tools can be dangerous if operated without care, so it is important to adhere to safety precautions.

Full body protection should be worn including suitable eye and ear defenders and cutting areas should be clear of flammable materials to prevent hot metal sparks from causing a fire.

With online suppliers providing a wide range of affordable tools, accessories and hardware products, it has never been easier to get started with your own DIY projects.

So, once you have got all your tools sorted out, you will no longer have any excuse to put off the jobs you have been meaning to do for ages.


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