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What are the Rewards of a Good Car Insurance Policy?

It’s in our nature to react well to any sort of reward scheme; indeed, this is why so many companies use them as an incentive. We strive to perform our utmost when we are operating on the premise of receiving a prize for our efforts. The same psychology can translate over when shopping for car insurance. However, can rewarding clients prolong no claims bonuses, overall making them better drivers? If so, what kind of rewards are we talking about?

There a range of incentives available across insurance providers when it comes to rewarding their customers. These rewards don’t come in the form of free food or anything as materialistic as that, but they have been proved to be rather effective. Reward schemes are helping insurance companies maintain a high level of service as well as making the roads far friendly and much safer.

The No Claims Bonus

The vast majority of insurance companies will offer this form of incentive. A no claims bonus is essentially just that; if you haven’t claimed in whatever pre-set period of time, you are rewarded with lower premiums or lower monthly payments. Not only do these incentives save you a great deal of money during your insurance plan, they leave you in greater stead for future car insurance quotes. No claims bonuses inevitably reward you with cheaper car insurance.

The incentive is offered across a range of insurance mediums, including motor bike insurance household insurance. Whatever form of cover you’re after, the concept of the reward remains the same.

Courtesy Car

Some companies offer the incentive of receiving a courtesy car on the back of a valid claim. As well as this, some providers will really pamper their customers by arranging free pick up and drop off of your vehicle after an accident. This is on top of guaranteeing all repairs for five years and performing a full-scale cleaning operation on both the exterior and interior of your car prior to it being repaired. It sure beats the bus!

Respect your Elders

Everybody knows that age and wisdom is what it’s all about. Experience beats all. This is also the mentality the insurance companies take when they are dealing with mature drivers, usually over the age of 50. Many of them will offer decreased insurance premiums to experienced drivers as they have been proven to be involved in fewer accidents than other motoring demographics.

Room for One More?

Another more frequently appearing incentive for drivers is the incentive of discount prices when more than one vehicle is placed on the same plan. Often called 'multi-car', the scheme allows for discount premiums for a plan that contains more than one vehicle. This is particularly attractive to families as it can be used to cover mum and dad, who can then add the new young driver to the plan for a much lower price. Don’t say your folks never did anything for you, kid!

Invest in One Premium, Get the Next Cheaper!

Some companies will dangle the bait teasingly in front of their customers by offering them discount cover in another area of insurance. For example, purchasing car insurance with car insurance companies will prompt them to slash the prices on their home insurance quotes. These kinds of prompts encourage customers to kill two birds with one stone and it suits insurance companies just fine.

Loyalty Pays

Just like most things in life, loyalty with insurance is the best policy. Insurance companies like to reward their customers for sticking with them through thick and thin with cheaper insurance premiums; as well as cover in other areas, like personal belongings up to a pre-determined cash value. This incentive again benefits both the customer and the company, so it is smiles all round.

The Online Revolution

As a society, we are moving further and further towards a computerised era. With the vast majority of households having access to the Internet, it wasn’t long before insurance companies recognised a new platform for selling their services. You’d imagine websites would be more financially sustainable than limitless numbers of employees in a call centre. As a result of this, customers are offered cheaper premiums by applying online.

On top of cheaper prices for your insurance, the online function allows you access the details of your policy at any given time. If required, you can even print of a copy of your policy in case the original copy has escaped you. This is the era of true convenience with insurance.

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