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Some Myths about Online Bingo Debunked

If you have never played online bingo – there are a number of providers, including Jackpot Joy and others - then it can be difficult to understand the advantages of doing so. You could be a little apprehensive to give things a try because of what you know already, but how can you separate fact from fiction? Thankfully, this article is going to debunk ten common myths about online bingo, allowing you to make an informed decision about whether or not playing bingo with them is your cup of tea.

Myth 1: It can be really expensive to play

Playing online bingo is no different to going to land-based bingo halls, and there are plenty of different cards, games, competitions and promotions to suit all budgets. In fact, when you combine the travel costs of land-based bingo with the food and drink you might buy while you are there, it could actually work out cheaper for you to play from home online.

Myth 2: There is only one type of bingo to enjoy

Even though some bingo halls in the UK solely specialise in 90-ball bingo, Jackpot Joy Bingo is different. Currently, there are six different formats of the game you know and love, including 75-ball bingo, in which you have to match patterns, as well as Monopoly Snap!, which also brings in one of the most famous board games in the world. If you are the type of person who can get restless easy from doing the same thing over and over, Jackpot Joy can easily inject some excitement into your bingo life.

Myth 3: Online bingo is nowhere near as sociable as land-based bingo

This is far from the truth! While you are playing online games, you can chat in real-time with other players who are in the room. Forty-seven per cent of players said in a recent survey with Bingo Hideout that they had made friends using online bingo sites. What's more, you can chat with these people without being told to quieten down by the bingo caller in person! You can also have a good natter with fellow players on the Facebook page, and on websites like Jackpot Joy there’s always a representative in each room during a bingo session.

Myth 4: There are only games for me to play at certain times of day

Even though some of the bigger Star Jackpot sessions happen at set times, most bingo rooms are available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This means that your passion for bingo can be there for you when it is most convenient, and that you do not have to map the rest of your commitments around the opening hours of your local hall!

Myth 5: I won’t be able to get help if something goes wrong with my computer

Understandably, a worry for many people can be getting their PC to cooperate when they are trying to enjoy their leisure time. If for whatever reason you don’t seem to be getting what you expect while playing online bingo, some websites will offer support; with Jackpot Joy, their customer service hotline, email address and ‘live chat’ platforms can all ensure that you are back in your favourite bingo room in no time.

Myth 6: It is impossible to win a significant jackpot online

This simply isn't true! On the homepage and on the Jackpot Joy winners page, for example, you can see photographs of so many people who have enjoyed success when they have played online. Some of the stories which they have to share are magnificent, including one woman who won £4,000 within hours of registering.

Myth 7: Paying to get involved with online bingo can be a nightmare!

As soon as you have registered, you have the chance to pay using all popular credit and debit cards, and doing this is a secure experience because of how the website is encrypted. Alternatively, you can pay using e-commerce websites such as Neteller which ensure that your financial information remains secure and out of view from anybody else.

Myth 8: Playing frequently doesn’t reap rewards

Jackpot Joy is a good example of an online bingo platform that rewards frequent players: if you go to the Shop of Joy section on the homepage, you can feast your eyes on extravagant spa trips, luxurious TVs and other goodies which you can apply to receive through the use of Joy Points. This invented currency gathers nicely in your account as you go about depositing money to play bingo as usual. For every £5 you spend you receive one point, and with each user typically spending around £120 per month according to a Bingo Hideout survey, you could end up with a brilliant 24 Joy Points each month. The ways to win just keep on coming!

So there you have it: eight myths about online bingo debunked. With this bingo site being rated the most popular according to recent Experian Hitwise statistics, it is fair to say that you are missing out if you haven’t taken the time to log on and take a look at what these sites have to offer.


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