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The Home of Live Comedy has moved to Highlight Comedy Clubs

Since re-branding from its partners Jongleurs last year, highlight has taken it upon itself to become the new home of live comedy. With 10 venues throughout the UK, highlight brings you the country's biggest names as well as some of the best up and coming stand up acts, making them the only Comedy Club you need to visit this year to find yourself falling off your chair in laughter.

With Camden comedy in London, and clubs in Edinburgh and Birmingham, among other stunning locations, highlight Comedy Clubs are the ultimate night out. They really more than just a giggle; with quality food, drink and the odd bit of dancing, the clubs can carry you through from the start of the night till your feet, and stomach, can't take any more.

Some 1,200 comedians make up the humour-strong team of highlight acts, and with comedy tickets from as low as £5, that's something in itself to smile about. A range of comedians every night ensures that you will enjoy at least one of the acts, and maybe you might get the chance to say the infamous line: "I saw them before they were big." And, even better, you saw them for only a few pounds!

Highlight comedy London includes prestigious venues such as Camden and Clapham Junction. Busy locations mean busy clubs, brilliant atmospheres and even better discos after the acts. Camden tops the list of highlight Comedy Clubs, allowing you to spend the day shopping hard and laughing harder through a night of comedy afterwards.

Highlight Birmingham is one of Broad Street's premier venues for a night out. With six rooms and seven bars, there is music and atmosphere to suit even the pickiest of comedy seekers. Smack bang in the centre of the city, it's the first stop for all Midlanders with an enlarged funny bone. Easily accessible from local train stations, it has made comedy that bit more of a closer reach than ever before. So no excuses!

But don't worry, Scotland hasn't been forgotten either. Birthplace of some of the World's greatest comedians, not to mention the ever-popular Frankie Boyle and his controversial sense of style, it would be a sin not to include this hilarious country in the highlight venue list. For the best Comedy Clubs Glasgow and Edinburgh are right up there, and apart from offering entertaining comedy nights, they also offer big band swing nights and other live music evenings, bringing the highlight experience to a whole new level. Other venues to visit over the UK are the comedy Battersea highlight club, Watford, Portsmouth, Reading, Leicester and Leeds. So many clubs, so little time!

The food might be considered by some as a side attraction to the highlight bars, but these people couldn't be more wrong. Reasonable prices and glorious tasting food gives visitors the chances to really set in for night, lining their stomachs for the humour (and maybe a little bit of drinking) set out for the night to come. Sharing platters are perfect for a romantic date, a big night out with friends, or just for one if you are truly ravenous, coupled with the large selection of pizzas and burgers (surely we need to mention healthy options here like salads) filling your gut becomes as appealing as watching the acts themselves.

The drinks aren't such a bad deal either, whether a sophisticated glass of wine or a pint of beer, or maybe even a pitcher is your choice of tipple, the clubs meet all demands. The prices are fair and the taste speaks for itself, and there is even a great selection of drinks of the softer variety for people who want to opt for a cheaper beverage to spit out over the hilarious jokes, or if you're driving.

Highlight is also a must for all your functions and party dates, and we're not just talking about hen and stag dos here, although they are riot at the Comedy Club too. Arranging work nights out, birthday parties or pre-marital events can be stressful at even the best of times, but highlight makes it easy. One of the best features is that the clubs give you as much involvement in the plans as you want; full seat planning or handing your night over to professional party planners from the club to do it for you, planning your next event is as easy as H-I-G-H... you know where we are going here.

Whether you want your own private room or you want to join the masses and celebrate with the rest of the show-goers, the Comedy Club can cater for all needs and desires; that's all the excuse we need for a good night out.

Upcoming events to look out for are the Central Comedy Live nights at highlight Comedy Clubs everywhere this Christmas and New Year. The famous American comedy channel are hosts of brilliant shows like South Park and Futurama, meaning there is no doubt that this will be an incredible night and the perfect way to see in the festive period, and see it out into 2011.

To get your hands on tickets for any of the highlight Comedy Clubs, it's as easy as visiting the company's website for all events and nights listed and also to get your hands on some bargain tickets. There are numerous nights on offer at all the highlight clubs, yes even Battersea, so getting your foot into the current comedy scene has never been easier.

Stand up comedy not only showcases talent, but its venues are willing to give new comedy blood a chance. Brilliant venues, charismatic audiences and a little bit of food and drink to ease the night on, highlight brings a new kind of night out to the millions.

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