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The Olympics and tourism in London

While much noise has been made about the impact the London 2012 Olympic Games will have on the capital of the United Kingdom, not much has been said about the way the tourism industry will develop in a post-Games setting.

The way in which organisations and businesses take advantage of the infrastructure and opportunities provided by the Olympics determines how successful the industry will be over coming years.

As one of the most historically important and culturally diverse cities in the world, London is the perfect setting for an event of this magnitude. Understanding the significance it can have for British industry is vital for those wanting to make the most of this exciting time.

Increased visitors

With the Greater London Authority expecting around 800,000 spectators on their busiest days, combined with an additional 20,000 athletes and team officials, the need to renovate and rejuvenate the public transport system is clear.

Fortunately, the London Olympic Authority has made the most of the opportunity by making improvements to the Northern, Central and Jubilee tube lines. The Docklands Light Railway, cycle lanes and river transport have also undergone renovation.

Such improvements are fantastic opportunities for the tourism industry, which will benefit from developments by increasing the visibility of schemes like the London travel card.

Lasting impression

As the Olympics encourage the entire world’s TV cameras to focus on London, the city has an incredible opportunity to etch a permanent impression in the imaginations of people across the globe.

The iconic skyline, fascinating culture and incredible local attractions will be displayed on TV screens everywhere and must create a great impact in order to generate interest in the future. With a huge range of historic and cultural attractions, including Westminster Abbey, the London Eye and Buckingham Palace, London is positioned perfectly to raise interest amongst a diverse range of nations.

With the increased exposure, the city of London has taken a number of steps to ensure that its attractions are incredibly visible, prominent and easily accessible. As an event that unites people from all nations across the globe, the city has the opportunity to attract a great number of people. Those interested in the heritage of a nation and city that has proved itself an exciting, diverse and interesting destination will be more than pleased with what London has to offer.

By implementing tourist schemes, such as London bus tours and the London Pass, the city will make sure that it continues to be thought of as a fantastic holiday hotspot for years to come.

Thanks to the international nature of the most important sporting event in history, London is guaranteed a future in which the tourism industry can flourish and visitors can continue to enjoy the delights of the iconic city.

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