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Top five event spaces in the UK

Top five event spaces in the UK


If you have an important event this year and are unsure what venue to choose consider five of the UK’s most popular spaces. There are between 8,000 and 9,000 venues available in the UK to hire so it can be difficult to narrow your search, but depending on your location there is an ideal venue with the facilities you need in close proximity.


Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre


Closely located to icons of the London landscape, Big Ben and The Houses of Parliament, is The QEIICC. Erected in 1986 the building has evolved into one of the leading conference centres in the UK and Europe. The building has seven floors and 26 event areas in a selection of sizes: ranging from 1,300 to over 2,000 square metres of floor area for exhibition space. Equipped with the latest technology   expect wireless and HD visual equipment throughout the building.


The British Museum


The British Museum is quite impressive as a conference venue. Although it does not provide as much meeting space as the QUIICC, it is grand and contemporary providing ample space for a number of meetings and activities. There are two purpose built lecture theatres, which are the base for events at The British Museum, seeing the venue cater for around 500 guests across the foyers and the theatres.


A cinema


Sound strange and innovative? Cinemas can offer a lot more than just film screenings. The state-of-the art digital projection facilities make presenting on a large screen effortless. Whether your ultimate corporate venues are for a simple presentation, product launch or conference, with plug and play access, your event could be more straightforward than ever before. With cinema companies, such as Cineworld boasting 79 cinemas worldwide, no matter where you are located you could have your own auditorium for your event.




Vinopolis in the heart of London is famous for wine tours, but it also caters for events of all varieties, from exhibitions, conferences, and summer parties to team building exercises. The building was designed as a wine tasting venue, but is now recognised as one of London’s most popular event locations. This could be perfect for business events that can be twinned with an enjoyable wine tasting session.


Old Trafford


If you are looking for a location closer to central England, Old Trafford in Manchester is an iconic and dramatic venue that could add some excitement to your event. Home to the famous football team Manchester United, Old Trafford offers 14 different spaces for events, five of which can hold a capacity over 300.


Weston Park


Situated in beautiful Shropshire is the gorgeous stately home of Weston Park. The house itself, and the stables, can be ideal for corporate events and hospitality, as well as weddings and team building activities, depending on your needs. The extensive grounds provide the opportunity for event organisers to place marquees and other temporary structures to maximise the space available The host of the annual V-Festival each summer, if enough land to occupy up to 90,00 people is what you require, this venue is a must-see.


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