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Top travel tips for a holiday in Florida

Florida is not called the ‘Sunshine State’ for nothing; it is warm and sunny all year round. It receives its fair share of rain too, but you’ll find warm tropical rain that never lasts long. In fact, the climate has always been Florida’s most important natural resource and combined with the mind boggling array of attractions and vast expanse of sandy coastline; it’s not hard to understand how it attracts nearly 85 million visitors each year and generates $65 billion in taxable revenue.

When should you visit?
There is never a bad time to go but the weather in the south during the summer can get a little bit hot and a little cold in the north over winter. Generally, spring and autumn are the most comfortable times to visit. During winter time the south is a favourite for tourists, but the summer still draws sun seekers in from all over the world.

Do you need a visa?
Under the US Visa Waiver Program most British Citizens holding a valid UK passport for the duration of stay do not require a US visa providing:
• The duration of stay is not more than 90 days and the traveller holds a valid ticket for onward or return travel.
• The traveller has never been arrested or convicted of a crime.
For more detailed information on the visa restrictions go to: www.visitusa.org.uk

What are the best attractions and things to do?

Theme Parks
The first place that comes to mind when trying to decide on a holiday destination in Florida is Orlando. This city has long been Florida’s number one tourist destination and for good reason: it has more fun for the whole family packed in to every square inch of land than possibly anywhere else on the planet. Leading the pack of numerous adventure theme parks, is the world famous Walt Disney World Resort.

The size and diversity of things to do in Walt Disney World Resorts is just baffling. Visitors can spend their entire vacation here and still need more time besides to experience all that Disney has to offer. As well as being the market leaders in entertainment for the theme park world they are also experts on fun and travel in Florida in general. Using their expert knowledge and experience Disney can help with flights, hotels and attractions all over the Sunshine State and sell the popular Florida tickets that act as an entry pass into a variety of different attractions across the state.

Cape Canaveral
Visit the Kennedy Space Centre and plan a full day to explore the NASA headquarters. Each year millions flock to marvel at one of mankind’s greatest achievements – space travel.

Florida has nearly 1,200 miles of sandy beaches. The north-east coast is open to the Atlantic swells and is known for its world-class surf breaks. The south-east is sheltered from the waves by the Bahamas islands and leads down to the typical laid back beach life style of living in Key West. The east is mostly sheltered and enjoys a much more stable sea state offered by the Gulf of Mexico. In the cities the beach is always a favourite social hub; everybody seems to be tanned and beautiful as they bask in the Florida sun.

The Everglades
Known as the largest subtropical wilderness in the world and designated a World Heritage Site, the Everglades is the perfect place to get up close to alligators and other rare and amazing wildlife. Ride through the reserve on an air boat, cycle along the trails or fly over it in a hot air balloon. The Everglades is a must see attraction for anyone visiting Florida.

Sport Fishing
With the Atlantic Gulf Stream to the east, the Gulf of Mexico to the west and the Caribbean to the south it is easy to see why Florida has some of the best fishing around. Charter boats offer good deals and leave from most ports and marinas around the coast. Those looking for a seriously big catch should head towards the south.

This is just a taste of what awaits you in Florida and if you do decide to visit you probably won’t want to leave. The people are friendly, the weather is hot and there is always a lot to do. But with so much on offer don’t forget to do the most important thing – relax.

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