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A weekend in a Prague hotel

Weekend holiday travel helps melt away the stress of office life and hectic schedules. Making travel arrangements should be made easy, since it is half the process of enjoying your holiday. Arranging to stay in Prague hotels is a simple process and can be done quickly.Considering the small scale of the city, most hotels here are nearest to all the sightseeing and restaurants that the Czech capital has to offer.

When staying in hotels in Prague, you will be in the centre of the largest city of the Czech Republic. Not only will your hotel provide a small oasis for when you need some rest and relaxation, but outside you can venture into a cultural centre that has been alive for over 1,000 years.

Every corner of this city provides an opportunity to dive into a place so rich in history. The best idea is to create a plan for each day so that exploring the city can be fun. Don’t burden yourself with over scheduling each day, since there truly is so much to do! Use your hotel as a place to rest and rejuvenate if you need a break from walking around or having too much Czech beer!

Sightseeing in Prague can be a lot of fun considering this city is small and easy to navigate. Make sure to see what you find most interesting rather than what a Prague travel guide says is important. Remember, this is your holiday so if all you love doing is looking at art museums then go to every single one. If you love restaurants, then find the best one for every meal.

However, there are recommended must-see places that every visitor should go to so they can tell their friends that they have actually 'done Prague'. If you miss these attraction then you are missing the heart of this most historic of cities.

Top things to do in Prague, much like visiting any city include: seeking out the main historic attractions, enjoying the art in galleries and museums, shopping for deals, and finally wetting your appetite at restaurants. Any Czech Republic travel guide or Prague travel guide will point out the following places as the best: Charles Bridge, Prague Castle, Old Town, the National Theatre, Wenceslas Square, the Lesser Town and Old Town Square.

Imagine standing on a bridge with artists, venders, travellers from far away places, and lovers taking their picture against the background of the city. Charles Bridge is famous for connecting the different historical centres of Prague as the Prague Castle is seen in the background and statues dot the sides of the bridge.

This bridge forms a basis for direction when navigating the city where on one side there is the Old Town Square, the New Town, and the Jewish Quarter. On the other side of the bridge there is the Castle District and Lesser Town. Staying in a hotel on either side of the bridge will still provide easy access to the sights.

Arguably, the most beautiful historic site with a breathtaking view is Prague Castle.This ancient structure is set at the top of a hill overlooking the entire city. Before going in the castle, get out your camera and take some scenic pictures along the hill of you and your friends before entering this ancient place of worship. The Lesser Town lies below Prague Castle and you can start here and then work your way up the small streets that lead to the castle.

Navigate this Roman and gothic inspired castle at your own leisure or get a guided tour that is offered in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian or Russian.

Journey back in time by visiting the Old Town Square and imagine you are part of a marketplace in the middle ages. Many reputable restaurants are situated in this area - sometimes it just takes speaking to some of the locals to find the most delicious places.

Get a large pint of beer, sit, watch the travellers stroll by and enjoy the magnificent architecture of the buildings in the square. The square is known for the Old Town Hall Tower and Astronomical Clock, St Nicholas Church and the Church of Our Lady before Tyn. Most exciting are the animated figures that pop out of the clock at the hour! If you are lucky you can be sure to see the display that coincides with the musical ringing of the clock each hour.

Wenceslas Square is another vibrant plaza that is known for its hotels, shopping deals, nightlife, and restaurants. Walk down this large boulevard and do your shopping while taking a break from all the historic sites.

The surrounding streets have everything to offer including high-end fashion stores to small trinkets to take home for friends and family. Come nighttime, this is where the party starts in all the nightclubs, so you can look forward to dancing the night away.

Food in Prague can be quite filling after a long day of walking around and is traditionally quite hearty so give your appetite time to grow. Talk to the reception at your hotel to find out which restaurants are closest to walk to. Dinner menus in Prague are filled with savory duck, creamy Sauerkraut and roast pork. Czech beer and Moravian wine compliment the food quite nicely.

After dinner, stroll over to the National Theatre, and let yourself sink into your seat while you enjoy an opera. These tickets are easy to purchase throughout the day and you will often see vendors selling tickets outside the theatre.

At the end of the day, head back to your Prague hotel and know you can sleep comfortably. Allow the silence of your hotel to tune out the buzz of city life. Tomorrow you can have another full day of adventuring around this ancient city.

When you leave your hotel in Prague you will be left feeling relaxed and rejuvenated, having experienced an epicentre of culture. Weekends like this are worth making time for and will leave you wanting another weekend in the Czech Republic before too long.

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