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What does your bathroom say about you?

We’ve all done it, excused ourselves at a dinner party and had a good nose around our host’s home, searching drawers and cupboards looking for embarrassing mementos hidden beneath cellular blankets. When it comes to the room that gives the most away, you may be wondering what your WC says about you.

Well if you’re a bit worried about the tales your bathroom could tell, how about a change of direction? Here’s our handy guide to making your washroom match your persona.

For the traditionalist

If you’re an old romantic who values the time-honoured, like good manners and respecting your elders, than a rustic style bathroom could be the perfect choice for you.

Think warm terracotta tiles on the floor to give it that country farmhouse feel and exposed wooden beams as you soak yourself in a vintage standalone bathtub.

Extras like period basins and showerheads are easy to pick up and can often be cheaper than their newer counterparts.

The key to pulling this look off is in the detail. Old-fashioned posters for toothpastes and shaving cream really add to the whole atmosphere while flowers carefully placed on bathroom storage units and other homely touches can gently compliment the theme.

For the trendsetter

If sharp suits and minimalist living is more your style then a contemporary bathroom is probably for you.

Less is more when it comes to modern bathrooms so make sure there are plenty of clean lines and no clutter. Chrome is perfect for your taps and shower while sticking to monochrome colours in your suite will give your bathroom a strong look throughout.

Granite is a durable and contemporary choice for your sink and tub and if teamed with mirrors, can make a smaller bathroom look generously proportioned.

This type of bathroom will really impress any guests and confirm your status as a real innovator within your social group.

For the practically-minded

For all you no-nonsense types, a simple bathroom suite can be both stylish and useful at once. Practical bathroom design means everything from good planning to ingenious storage solutions.

If your bathroom is small, then consider some of the excellent space saving options around and plan your design carefully to make the most of what is at your disposal.

Fill your bathroom with all the essentials, hand soap, fresh towels for your guests and stock your airing cupboard with spare sheets, pillows, duvets and a wool cellular blanket for those cold nights in front of the fire.

This type of bathroom will reflect your down-to-earth nature and guests will love your fuss-free design choices.

For the person who loves luxury

Some would call you high-maintenance but the reality is, you just love the finer things in life. Bathrooms can be the most luxurious room in the house, reserved for ‘me time’ and pampering.

Marble is a great, if pricey place to start when designing a lavish new bathroom. Easy to clean and beautiful to look at, this plush material will have your guests turning green with envy.

If you go with the marble, then gold fittings are a must-have accessory. A large bath should be the focal point of your suite with beautiful fittings and perhaps a spa system so you can surround yourself in bubbles when you get some time to yourself.

Luxurious products are the ideal addition to your bathroom, so go out and invest in some organic toiletries made with fresh, sweet smelling ingredients. One of the keys to a luxury bathroom is adorning it with expensive items and making your guests feel at home so give it the appearance that no expense has been spared.

Beware of cutting corners when it comes to your linen: invest in new sets of towels and bathrobes made from organic natural fibres such as combed cotton that will dry skin while keeping it silky soft. Following these simple tips it’s easy to customise your bathroom in a way that says something positive about you whilst wowing visitors in the process.


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