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Which employment sectors are creating jobs in the UK?

The economy of the UK and the rest of the world is still in an unpredictable state, and the rising unemployment that arrives with this volatility creates uncertainty and hardship.

Signs of recovery are appearing though: the UK’s unemployment rate has risen to above 8% but the figures are now rising at the slowest pace in a year and this relative stability is backed-up by recruitment agencies and economic forecasts, with Goldman Sachs recently forecasting that the unemployment rate should level off at 8.5% over the summer.

The picture of joblessness is also regionally nuanced: when the figures are looked at more closely it appears that unemployment in the south east of England has not risen at all since December 2010, whereas the rate has increased by 1.6% in the north west.

Equally, some sectors are also far more stable and creative than others. Here’s a quick summary of three main sectors where jobs are being created and shored-up, rather than lost.

In March of this year, the UK was cited by the Boston Consulting Group as having the largest internet economy in the G20, with the Internet accounting for 8.3% of the UK’s economic output - equivalent to a staggering £121bn and making this hi-tech section of the economy larger than the healthcare, construction or education.

The UK’s focus on the web is creating jobs, with an array of internet-focused start-ups appearing in areas like East London to try and replicate the success of companies like Instagram, which was recently acquired by Facebook for $1bn.

The job application process is moving online too, as traditional recruitment agencies look to web recruitment and social media sites to publish jobs to the widest range of potential applicants.

Key development: Google recently opened ‘Campus’ in East London - a tower block filled with up to 90 internet start-ups.

2012 is an especially big year for the UK’s hospitality sector, and more people will be needed to accommodate the influx of tourists and spectators as the country heads towards the 2012 Olympics.

Key development: Gordon Brown recently commented that “there will be 50,000 jobs permanently created” on the Olympics site alone.

Green Technology:
The UK’s increasing use of green technology and growing reliance on ecologically sustainable fuel and energy has created one of the brightest spots of the UK’s job market.

Green energy, in particular, is a strong growth area, with a report in December from the Government’s energy department calling for a further 32,000 wind farms to be built over the coming years.

Key development: Engineering firm OGN is to create 1,000 new wind farm jobs after receiving a government grant to build foundations for offshore wind farms.

These three sectors show that there are growing opportunities in trend-bucking areas despite declines elsewhere. And if you’re looking for a job then these three sectors are good places to look at or contact a recruitment agency about.

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