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A guide to up-cycling your furniture

If you haven’t heard of up-cycling then you’re unaware of one of the most popular design phenomena of the past few years. Simply throwing out old furniture these days just won’t do. If it is broken, it can be fixed, if it is ugly it can be beautiful again and what’s best is that you can do it yourself.

Cover, uncover, paint and sand; here is a guide to get you up-cycling with the best of them.

The full cover

If you find yourself reeling in shock every time you look at the state of your living room furniture then chances are it is time for action. The full cover is king in up-cycling and delivers dramatic results. First choose a fabric that you like, remember, you have to live with it so nothing that might not seem quite so snazzy in a few months’ time (yes luminous colours, we’re looking at you).

Cut the fabric to your sofa’s measurements, pin it on and then set about sewing it all together. If you are just experimenting then go right ahead, but for perfect results seek the help of a professional or follow one of the many step by step guides online.

Blankets and throws

One minute it’s there, the next it’s gone; blankets and throws are perfect for disguise if the full cover feels a little too ambitious for you. Take a look at web pages like Harveys Furniture on YouTube for pattern inspiration and what is on trend; you might even see something that tempts you to shop new!

Unleash the cushions

Decorate sofas and living room chairs with as many cushions as you feel comfortable with. They are inexpensive and work wonders at drawing the eye towards their stylish patterns when paired with block colours. Do not underestimate the impact that scattered cushions have on a room’s ambiance. If you want cosy and comfortable, then that’s what they’ll give you.

Get sanding

Sideboards, cupboards and kitchen tables can all get the treatment. It’s amazing what a thorough sanding will do for the look of a tatty old chest of drawers. Once the prep has been done it’s up to you if you decide to choose the warmth of sanded wood or add a bit of paint. If you are after a vintage look then think about adding a base coat of white followed by light sanding, which will leave you with a texture to die for.

No matter what level of wear your furniture currently displays, up-cycling is a cheap and easy option to inject new life into it; and what’s more you can have a lot of fun along the way!

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