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Do you want the power to ‘Do More New’?

Of course you do. When it comes to achieving your dreams, you know it’s the journey which is more important than the destination. But which vehicle will you choose to get you there? How about the fourth generation Honda CR-V? Offering plenty of room thanks to its spacious backseats, you and your passengers will have ample amounts of space to sit and dream or to navigate your surroundings.

The Honda CR-V won’t disturb you either. It’s as quiet on the inside as it is on the outside as it’s designed to provide you with a smooth and efficient driving experience. The overall design of the new CR-V hasn’t changed dramatically, although the front-end has been revised to reflect Honda’s new corporate face. The taillights remain the same, but you’ll find the rear is similar to the Volvo XC60 which has a sharply raked profile.

It’s the little touches…

What makes the new 2013 Honda CR-V different are the little touches. For example, there’s no need to get lost with the new CR-V’s navigation system, thanks to its three mode back-up camera which allows you to see standard view, wide angle view and periscope view so you can see protruding objects such as poles and barriers.

Despite the reduced roof height, you’ll find unloading objects is made easy with the new CR-V because of its rear seating which can be lowered at the touch of a lever. This makes it ideal for families who need lots of space and are looking for a vehicle compact enough to handle their luggage, as well as prams and children’s toys. If you find yourself unsure of which handbag or bag to take, the CR-V’s spacious storage compartments in the cabin mean you can take a few with you on your travels.

On the road you’ll find that the Honda CR-V drives smoothly, and its 2.4 litre, four cylinder engine gives 185 horsepower, which is a good pace for a crossover. Compared to its predecessors, the Honda CR-V has bigger wheels and its arches making it look slightly chunkier, but its carbon footprint remains steady. Its all-new drive system has been improved to give the rear wheels a bit of torque when setting off from wet surfaces to minimise wheel spin.

The main appeal of the new CR-V, however, is its spacious loading area and quiet driving experience which makes it a winner. After all, you wouldn’t want anything to disturb you on your way to fulfilling your dreams.

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