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The moment avid games fans have been waiting for has arrived! From August 7th, 2012, games players on Facebook will be able to play bingo and slots games for real cash prizes and jackpots. Until now, only free games and virtual prizes were available on Facebook, but this move guarantees that the number of people playing games on the social network will continue to rise.


The cash prizes are available only through a new app called Bingo Friendzy, named because of its connection with the network where we collect our friends into a virtual group. Facebook Friendzy contains many different bingo and slots games in just one App, so you only need to install it once to get access to dozens of different kinds of bingo and games. Seasoned bingo players will recognise all the old favourites including Bingo 90 and Bingo 75, references to the number of balls at play in a single game. There are instant spot prizes and cash bonuses to be won, or you can play in a rolling competition called the Community Progressive Jackpot, where the pot of money to be won accumulates over weeks.


Newcomers to bingo will be instantly welcomed and made to feel at home by fellow players in the Jackpotjoy bingo Friendzy chatroom. It's easy to get started. When playing Bingo 90 for the first time for instance, players are invited into the Games Lobby and presented with a choice of 90 Ball Bingo Rooms. Players often take up residence in the same room, so their friends and bingo buddies know where to find them when they return to the site. If you are a new player, don’t fret about which room to enter. Pick one, then another and you’ll soon find the right room for you, where your personality fits with the other characters and players in the room. Once inside the room you’ll find three columns on your screen – the left-hand column holds details of the current game jackpots, number of players, balls called and mini games you can play, the right-hand column contains the Chat window and the middle column has a timer that’s counting down towards the next game. Simply buy a ticket and start playing. You’ll always find someone online who wants to be your bingo buddy.


Having people who are online through the day and evening is just one reason why Facebook makes such a strong platform for Gamesys, the company behind the Friendzy innovation, which also owns popular bingo sites like Jackpotjoy.com. Michael Saunders, Gamesys' Managing Director noted this at the launch of Friendzy, saying: "We are committed to forming decisive partnerships and extending our products to a wider audience. To be selected to provide our award winning games and entertainment to the UK Facebook community marks an exciting turning point for the industry and a milestone for the business."


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