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iPhone 5 in detail

The smaller and improved iPhone 5 sold over five million new units in just three days, with two million pre-orders over 24 hours. It rebuilt the iPhone mould, using a more refined and slimmed down approach comparable to creating an expensive watch. Now that everyone has had time to settle down and use this lovely creation to its full capacity, we look at what this new product’s design, processor and camera have to offer in greater detail.

Although we never had any doubts that this new model would come up with the goods, this stunning new lighter design has really raised the standard for smartphones. This latest offering is 30% thinner, with a larger four-inch touchscreen, and yet it’s still more power efficient than previous models. The back plate comes in a two-tone design and the weight is evenly distributed throughout, showing great aesthetic attention to detail. The camera lens is cut using sapphire crystal, which is second only to diamond in its hardness, and means that it is virtually scratchproof. As the Daily Mail’s Mark Prigg commented, this iPhone is, “Bright, responsive and it just feels right.”

Inside, the new iOS6 processor offers an array of improved and new features, in spite of the model’s lighter weight. To start with, the enhanced 1136x640 resolution display is optimised for viewing widescreen films, and vastly improves on the iPhone 4’s 960x640 screen. Crucially, although the function is not yet available within the UK, this model is 4G-ready and also allows users to access 3G mobile internet. Apple has also taken a controversial leap and designed their own map app by teaming with other notable firms such as Tom Tom. This new app includes spoken directions and a slick 3D option, in order to replace its old Google maps application.

Finally, the camera is another great step forward and is probably the best yet from Apple. The iPhone 5’s 1/3.2 inch sensor is smaller than standard purpose-built compact camera products, but still manages to offer the same quality. It achieves this through a wide-aperture, low ISO, low shutter speed setting that is ideal for good-to-low light conditions. An AE/AF lock also offers users a manual focus and the sapphire crystal glass used contributes to a better quality final product. Finally, there is a panoramic view option, which is a fantastic little feature that allows you to capture up to 28 megapixels of horizontal view. So, we can’t recommend it enough.

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