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Make your home sellable: the first step when looking for a new home

Finding your next home requires a mixture of perseverance, hard work and luck. Along the way, you will be faced with a number of dilemmas and will inevitably have to make compromises in order to get what you want from your budget. The best place to begin is with your existing property. If you hope to be packing removal boxes soon, then you need to get your home on the market as quickly as possible.

Selling your own home is not only about finding a quick buyer, but is also about getting the right price. If you are keen to upgrade during your move, it may be a good idea to carry out some work on your existing property. This could increase the value of your home, thus giving you a larger budget when property hunting.

So, how can you make your home sellable when preparing to enter the property market?

Invest in your home

While you may be reluctant to put your hand in your pocket to make changes to a home you are about to leave, doing so can make your move a far more profitable experience. Investing a small amount in renovations – such as updating a kitchen or bedroom – is likely to add significant value to your home as a whole.

Modern fittings in rooms like the kitchen and bathroom will also make your home more sellable, regardless of your particular asking price. Replacing aspects of your home which are showing signs of wear and tear is a great way to keep viewers positive and make them more likely to place an offer on your home. The great thing about this is these fittings are often low in price – meaning you can achieve great results with minimal expenditures.

Similarly, it can be a great idea to make big changes to your garden. As you are bound to discover when looking for a new home, outside space is highly valued. Just a small amount of work on your garden could see the value of your home rise significantly and the front garden of your property is one of the most important areas to address.

Within the property market, ‘curb appeal’ has become a popular buzzword and refers to how the external appearance of your house gives potential buyers the first impression of the property – influencing their decision in numerous ways.

Easy solutions in the garden include sociable decking spaces and low maintenance flower beds. For an added nuance, consider adding a water feature.

Create a neutral space

Viewers are often put off by the simplest of things. Top of the list is eccentric decoration - be it colour schemes or strange furnishings. If this is ringing alarm bells in your head, it may be time to get some large packing boxes and temporarily store away your gaudiest of possessions.

Neutral colour schemes make it easier for potential buyers to see through your own furnishings and see your home as an empty shell. While it may be difficult to remove the personal stamp you’ve spent a long time creating, it is sure to be of great benefit when the time comes to sell.

You are likely to be keen to get on with searching for that dream property but making changes to your existing home are an essential part of the process. If you take your time to consider such things, you’ll soon be looking for wardrobe boxes and other materials, ready to move into your dream home.

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