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Want to study a nursing diploma?

Want to study a nursing diploma? Traditionally, those wanting to become nurses in the UK have chosen one of two routes – qualifying by studying for a diploma or completing a degree course in nursing at university.

The debate on nurses’ education is a lively one. In these times of sweeping cuts, when jobs in the profession are not as safe as they may once have been, it’s more important than ever that students think long and hard about which path to take.

While you no doubt want to be a nurse above all else, you will need to consider the academic processes involved and which training would best suit you. Universities, for example, can ask for higher academic entry requirements, while others argue that graduates will have a greater level of knowledge and skill by the end of the programme. Financially, some students on diploma courses find it easier to get a bursary to cover the cost of their tuition, while some on degree courses have their funds mean tested, resulting in the possibility of a lot less money to see them through their training.One certainty is that, if you want to follow the diploma pathway, time for doing so is running out.

New rules mean that, from September of next year, all students entering the nursing profession must have a degree-level education. If your heart is set on studying a nursing diploma, January 2013 will see the final intake of students qualifying this way.

Most diploma courses have now been phased out. The last few of these courses will begin in the New Year.You will have to book your place now if you know this is how you want to train.

The consensus seems to be that how nurses trained will ultimately be less important than the experience they have gained since qualifying. Most believe that graduates won’t get preferential treatment - holders of both diplomas and degrees will provide equally high standards of nursing care. The argument is that status and salary are likely to be governed by supply and demand and not by academic achievement. Equally, whether you have a degree or not, job seekers are likely to be offered posts based on their ability to deliver and their commitment.

If you’re considering training or however you choose to qualify, you can look forward to a career that’s rich in variety, interesting, rewarding, challenging and fast-paced.

After all, nurse number around 400,000 in today’s NHS, nurses are absolutely critical to the provision of high quality healthcare across the UK.

If you’re nearing the end of your training and starting to look for NHS jobs, make StaffNurse.com your first port of call. Upload your CV, manage applications online, let prospective employers contact your about suitable jobs, and receive notifications by email about opportunities matching your skills.

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