Extra Time
Extra Time

A new work by local author Ian Collinson is the latest production by Robin Hood Theatre Company.

Extra Time runs from Thursday to Saturday at the Robin Hood Theatre, Averham.

Despite the name, the play has nothing to do with football.

“It is about the extra time that recently retired Ed, an ex-teacher, has on his hands,” said Ian.

“He suspects his estranged wife, Rona, is preventing him from looking after their granddaughter, Nellie.

“The resulting confrontation triggers a chain of increasingly comical episodes as a satisfactory resolution remains elusive.

“I think a serious issue underlies the humour.

“Families are often fragmented these days, and children sometimes have quite complex relationships around them.”

The cast of actors, and director Karen Peck, have worked with Ian during the rehearsal process to continue to refine and develop the script.

“It has been great to see the play come off the page so well,” said Karen

“We have even found that there are laughs where no one expected them, and I am sure our audience will have a great time.” 

Ian has had one short sketch performed as a rehearsed reading in the Neville Studio at Nottingham Playhouse, but this is his first full-length play.

“It is very exciting, and a bit nerve wracking” he said.

“I am delighted with the support I have had from Robin Hood.

“It is a brilliant cast and rehearsals have gone really well.”

Tickets costing £12 are available from the box office at www.rhtc.co.uk or 07733 179986.