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7:30am Mon Aug 29, 2016
A woman is spending two weeks helping with the building of a school for deaf children in Africa.
3:18pm Sun Aug 28, 2016
The locations of mobile speed cameras across Nottinghamshire have been revealed for this week.
7:30am Sun Aug 28, 2016
A team from Eden Hall Day Spa, Elston, who took part in the Newark Half-marathon presented a cheque for £1,115 to Beaumond House Community Hospice, Newark.
7:30am Sun Aug 28, 2016
It is estimated that almost a quarter of Nottinghamshire people will be aged over 65 by 2025, which is a significant increase from the current figure of just under a fifth of residents being in this age range.
7:30am Sun Aug 28, 2016
A woman from Balderton will take on one of the most important roles at the Paralympics for one of the newest sporting additions to the games.
12:30pm Sat Aug 27, 2016
A professional singer who has been touring abroad for 18 years has started new singing groups that she says are beneficial to health and well-being.
7:30am Sat Aug 27, 2016
Around £2,600 has been raised by the niece of Newark Conservative Club steward Sally Fallon, who has been diagnosed with breast cancer.
7:00pm Fri Aug 26, 2016
Artillery games have been around a while and, with the exception of Cannon Fodder, few are as nostalgic as Worms, first released more than 20 years ago.
12:15pm Fri Aug 26, 2016
A nurse whose career has included 30 years at Newark Hospital has retired.
11:30am Fri Aug 26, 2016
A 27-year-old Farndon man who assaulted a policeman has been fined £380 by Nottingham magistrates.
10:00am Fri Aug 26, 2016
The owner of a Southwell hair salon is to brave the shave and have her locks cut off for charity.
7:30am Fri Aug 26, 2016
The company behind plans for four giant wind turbines that would be twice the height of Newark Parish Church has asked for a judicial review into a decision by a Government minister to refuse the application.
Getting it right
I agree with the policy of right place, first time, for heart, stroke and head injuries.

But in the case of Mrs Kath Coulter (Minor Injuries Staff Praised For Life-saving Care, Advertiser, August 4) who took her husband to Newark Hospital, she did exactly the right thing not knowing what his condition was and, in this instance, it seems to have been the right place, first time.

The staff at Newark Hospital did a wonderful job reviving Mr Coulter before his transfer to Nottingham City Hospital.

It has also been reported that there had been 576 more emergency admissions to King’s Mill Hospital, Sutton-in-Ashfield, in the first two months of this financial year, but from which districts we do not know.
— (Mrs) DOREEN LANGFORD, Marlborough Close, Newark.
Golden dreams
Congratulations go to Shona McCallin, of Dry Doddington, who has returned home from Rio with an extra item in her luggage — an Olympic gold medal. It is a symbol of years of hard work and dedication that started at Newark Hockey Club.

The medal is just reward for a team that went unbeaten throughout the Rio tournament. Millions of people watched the Great Britain ladies’ hockey team win the nail-biting penalty shoot-out in the final against the Netherlands that sealed one of sports’ most sought-after prizes.

Hopefully some of those watching would have been inspired by seeing the team celebrating on top of the podium to take up a sport and start the chase for the Olympic dream.

The ladies’ hockey team gold was one of 27 won by Great Britain in its most successful ever Games, eclipsing even London 2012. Medals have been won in sports from cycling to showjumping and from swimming to athletics. Hardly a day has gone by in the last two weeks without news of medal wins.

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