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7:17am Tue Jul 26, 2016
A road in Bingham is closed this morning (July 26) after a serious accident.
9:00pm Mon Jul 25, 2016
An athlete who survived kidney failure will compete at a national tournament for people who have had transplants — potentially against his own brother.
8:30pm Mon Jul 25, 2016
A splash of colour has been added to a school playground as part of a voluntary project.
4:02pm Mon Jul 25, 2016
Detectives have today been granted an extra 36 hours to question a man arrested in connection with the death of a 16-year-old girl at an address in Newark.
3:59pm Mon Jul 25, 2016
Hundreds of brightly-dressed children at a primary school completed up to 30 laps of their playing field to raise money and awareness for a cancer charity.
2:02pm Mon Jul 25, 2016
The ground beneath Wollaton Park shook beneath 21,000 pairs of dancing feet on Saturday as a sell-out capacity crowd partied the day away at Splendour.
11:30am Mon Jul 25, 2016
Pensioners Colin Green, 73, and Edward Casebourne, 74, say running has given them a double benefit as they prepare for next month’s Newark Half-marathon.
10:00am Mon Jul 25, 2016
As the new film is getting plenty of attention, it's only natural the video game industry jumps on the bandwagon to give us a new Ghostbusters game.
9:50am Mon Jul 25, 2016
A sell-out crowd witnessed some of the best unsigned acts Nottinghamshire and beyond boasts at this year's Deerstock Festival.
9:15am Mon Jul 25, 2016
Councillors are to receive an allowance for visiting planning application sites.
7:10am Mon Jul 25, 2016
A radio presenter and DJ is aiming to bring in listeners from across the world.
1:00pm Sun Jul 24, 2016
Six banners designed by children have been unveiled as part of commemorations to mark the 800th anniversary of King John’s death at Newark Castle.
Town pride
As regular visitors to Newark, may we say how beautiful the town is looking at this time.

The planters around the town, and particularly the large towers in the Market Place, add a wonderful splash of colour.

On a recent visit we spent time in the castle grounds and by the riverside and were very impressed .

You should be proud of your town.
— SANDRA and TONY HOLLINGSWORTH, Ilkeston. (Full address supplied).
School places
GETTING the children ready for school in the morning can be stressful enough, without the added complication of having to ensure that three each arrive at different ones in time for the start of the day.

That was the prospect facing single mum Cassandra Abbott after Nottinghamshire County Council ruled that her youngest, four-year-old Joey, could not attend the same primary school as his sister Lycia, who is six.

An extra complication for Miss Abbott is that her oldest, 11-year-old Haidon, who is due to leave Coddington and start at The Newark Academy in September, has autism.

Joey is undergoing tests to establish whether he also has the condition.

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