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3:47pm Wed Jul 13, 2011
Thousands lined the streets of Newark on Sunday to watch dozens of local groups and organisations take part in the carnival parade.
Are solar farms preferable to wind turbines?

2:14pm Sun Apr 20, 2014
A home owner is calling for people’s right to light to be given greater consideration by planning committees.
8:12am Sun Apr 20, 2014
A wooden trunk containing items that would have been used during the English Civil War has been added to the discovery box collection of Newark and Sherwood Museum Service.
2:06pm Sat Apr 19, 2014
A solar farm should be built on a former power station site rather than farmland, planners were told.
8:18am Sat Apr 19, 2014
Students have produced a book based on a series of leaflets exploring local heritage and history.
3:19pm Fri Apr 18, 2014
Parish councillors are pushing for talks with developers to thrash out concerns about an extensive new development that would double the size of their village.
2:27pm Fri Apr 18, 2014
More than 200 people joined a flash-mob performance of Amazing Grace in Newark Market Place this lunchtime.
12:36pm Fri Apr 18, 2014
A COUNCIL has suggested residents of flats that will be built in a conversion of a former church hall could pay at least £365 a year to park near their home.
12:04pm Fri Apr 18, 2014
Residents claim their village is becoming a dumping ground for green energy projects.
10:40am Fri Apr 18, 2014
A Newark police community support officer has received a commendation for detaining seven drunk men, one of whom was damaging a car.
8:57am Fri Apr 18, 2014
The son of a woman who died from pancreatic cancer has received an apology from the doctors he says failed to spot the symptoms, despite 12 visits to their surgery.
8:19am Fri Apr 18, 2014
An independent director has been recruited to the board of Newark Sports Association (NSA) to give legal advice on its bid to provide a multi-sports hub in the town.
4:35pm Thu Apr 17, 2014
A couple who were a mile from the finishing line of the Boston Marathon when two bombs went off last year are returning to take part in this year’s event.
Puzzled by school inspection ruling
The report on the Ofsted inspection at Lowe’s Wong Junior School, Southwell, left me puzzled, then angry (Successful School Told To Improve, Advertiser, April 3).

After a lifetime’s career in teaching in a variety of schools, both primary and secondary, I have been a volunteer at Lowe’s Wong for the past 18 months.

So it does not surprise me to know that, as was reported, it is “one of the best performing schools in the Advertiser area for its ten and 11- year-olds” as this is the very level I have been helping with.

For the inspectors to come in for a brief visit and decree the school needs to “improve its standard” when 90% of the children are already achieving level four or above in the Sats, is flabbergasting.
— DAVID STONE, Farthingate, Southwell.
Support services
EWARK Patriotic Fund is warning that a generation of soldiers returning from the frontline face long-term mental health issues resulting from their experiences. The Advertiser today highlights two cases — likely to be the tip of the iceberg — where post traumatic stress disorder has had a major impact.

Sergeant Robert Jackson, of the Grenadier Guards, is having to leave the career he always wanted because of his condition.

Former Territorial Army nurse Phil Bond said the condition had changed his personality and put huge strain on his family and working life.

With combat operations coming to an end for British forces in Afghanistan some may assume that the need to support organisations like the patriotic fund and Help for Heroes will recede.

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