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Should the length of school summer holidays be reduced?

10:36am Thu Jul 30, 2015
More than 20 pubs in Newark, Southwell and surrounding villages are taking part in the third India Pale Ale Trail organised by the Newark branch of Camra.
7:30am Thu Jul 30, 2015
A mother who gave birth in Newark Hospital in the early hours of Saturday says maternity provision is needed there to ensure babies can be born safely.
7:00pm Wed Jul 29, 2015
A club that gives women the chance to have a go at clay pigeon shooting is staging an event in Farnsfield.
4:00pm Wed Jul 29, 2015
A community rallied round to find a missing ten-year-old boy with autism and epilepsy after he slipped out of his home unsupervised and made his way to the village pub.
4:00pm Wed Jul 29, 2015
An iconic family board game has been given a twist in a new piece of artwork featuring Southwell landmarks.
1:56pm Wed Jul 29, 2015
A former Dean of Southwell, the Very Rev David Leaning, died on Tuesday, aged 78.
10:48am Wed Jul 29, 2015
A Newark man has been charged with grievous bodily harm following an incident in the town on Monday evening.
10:34am Wed Jul 29, 2015
Games designed by three students will be used on the International Space Station (ISS) to test an astronaut’s reflexes.
9:12am Wed Jul 29, 2015
An archaeological dig to find remains of an ancient stone church took place on Saturday as part of a village heritage project.
9:00am Wed Jul 29, 2015
A programme of entertainment was moved inside a village hall on Sunday rather than cancel it because of bad weather.
2:40pm Tue Jul 28, 2015
Burglars stole several items from the The Song School on Church Walk, Newark, and then a car that was parked outside.
2:05pm Tue Jul 28, 2015
A maze made of maize will send families running around in circles at Kelham Hall.
No solution
We are told long-term solutions to Newark’s traffic problems could cost £200m (Ten-year, £200m Plan To End Gridlock Misery, Advertiser, July 16).

No it won’t, because there isn’t a long-term solution.

Dualling the A1 was once seen as a marvellous step forward — now it’s not enough and three-lane stretches are considered essential.

The same story can be repeated everywhere in the UK.
R. GRAVES, Main Street, Farndon.
Happy to help
Some believe community spirit has all but vanished from modern society, with fewer people being prepared to look out for their neighbours. An incident in Farndon at the weekend went some way to disproving that theory.

When ten-year-old Harley Smith, who has autism and epilepsy, slipped out of the family home a frantic search was launched.

Harley’s mum, Mrs Lisa Smith, admitted they were terrified he could have made his way to the A46 or the River Trent. They feared the worst could have happened.

Neighbours quickly realised something was amiss and dropped everything to go out on foot, on bikes and in cars looking for him.

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