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Should Scotland be an independent country?

4:32pm Wed Sep 17, 2014
Sussex Police are hunting convicted rapist Sarbaz Najmadeen Ali after he fled Hove Crown Court during the judge's summing up in his trial.
10:56am Wed Sep 17, 2014
A presentation on how to use social media when job hunting is among the new elements included at a job fair in Newark Town Hall.
10:17am Wed Sep 17, 2014
Travellers who were under the threat of being forcibly evicted from a Newark park left within 24 hours of arriving there.
9:57am Wed Sep 17, 2014
Three men have been arrested on suspicion of affray after a disagreement outside the Atrium pub, in Castlegate, Newark, ended in violence at the Castlegate Fish Bar.
9:40am Wed Sep 17, 2014
A jetski was stolen from outside a property in Coddington last week.
9:32am Wed Sep 17, 2014
A dog which was being cared for by Newark and Sherwood District Council has been reunited with its owner.
4:40pm Tue Sep 16, 2014
Travellers have set up an encampment in a public park.
4:20pm Tue Sep 16, 2014
A Google Street View car, used for taking images used in the search engine giant's panoramic pictures of locations, was spotted travelling around Newark today.
4:11pm Tue Sep 16, 2014
The first of five Flog It! episodes filmed at Southwell Minster will be shown on BBC One this Friday.
4:00pm Tue Sep 16, 2014
Police want to speak to a man who was wearing a distinctive yellow T-shirt, after a theft of three drills from B&Q in Beacon Hill Retail Park, Newark.
1:26pm Tue Sep 16, 2014
The cast of The Pantomime Adventures of Peter Pan were out in Newark today, with comedian Bernie Clifton leading the way.
1:22pm Tue Sep 16, 2014
A busy village main street was sealed off by police on Saturday afternoon following a two-car collision.
Home comforts
If you were looking forward to a healthy, comfortable old age, forget it.

A recent report suggested taking away from us ‘oldies’ our winter fuel allowance, free TV licence, free prescriptions and the loss of, or a cap on, benefits.

The reason given was that we were living too long and there were more of us.

If there is a shortage of cash then stop giving it to, say, India, which can put a rocket into space and promote lucrative cricket tournaments.
— RAY PEARSON, Burgage Close, Southwell.
Inspired by games
MUCH is made of high profile sports stars, actors and other celebrities being held up as role models and in many cases, although not all, that status is justified.

But inspiration is perhaps more obviously found among those whose spirit and strength of character carries them through times of incredible adversity.

The 400-plus competitors in Prince Harry’s Invictus Games undoubtedly fall into that category.

The games captured the public’s imagination and have helped bring about a greater understanding of the sacrifices made by those who put their lives on the line for their country.

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