The Tortoise and the Lair
The cover for Mr Norton's book 'The Tortoise and the Lair'.

An ex-primary school teacher has released his first children’s book.

Mr Harry Norton, of Collingham, has written The Tortoise And The Lair about a tortoise who stumbles across a superhero’s secret lair.

He then becomes a superhero himself to save a city from a mysterious bank robber.

After four years as a teacher at Sutton-on-Trent primary and Elkesley primary and nursery school, and six months in New Zealand, Mr Norton decided he wanted to write a children’s book.

“It has always been a goal of mine to write a book for children and my main aim is to get children to enjoy reading. It will hopefully be the first of many,” he said.

The book is dedicated to Class 2, who Mr Norton taught at Elkesley.

He said the whole process of writing, illustrating and publishing took about a year.

The book has been illustrated by his lifelong friend, Mr Tom Fisk, who also lives in Collingham.

The story already has five-star reviews on Amazon.

Mr Norton said he had received positive feedback, including photographs of friends’ children enjoying the book.

“It has been a fantastic experience and I hope as many children as possible can pick it up and enjoy reading it,” he said.

“I already have a sequel of the tortoise’s adventure written. It just needs to be illustrated so will hopefully be available in four or five months.”