Councillors praised the latest design.
Councillors praised the latest design.

Town councillors praised the latest plans for a Travelodge on the site of Newark’s former Robin Hood Hotel.

The town council’s planning committee were unanimous in their support of plans to retain the facades of the 18th Century Grade II listed townhouses that make up the Lombard Street frontage.

They also supported the application for the 66-bedroom new-build Travelodge, which will be integrated on to the site, with the hotel knitted into the existing facades and standing a storey higher.

Three units under the Travel-odge for either retail, financial or professional services, café or restaurant, or leisure uses, form part of the scheme.

The previous application by developers MF Strawson, which involved the demolition of all the remains of the derelict hotel, was withdrawn before a public inquiry could be held that would have decided its fate.

Councillor Mr David Lloyd said he was delighted to support the application and said the facade and overall look of the new design was encouraging.

“You can see care has been taken to complement the existing facade and make use of the existing walls and building,” he said.

“I hope organisations like Historic England will recognise there has been significant movement on the design of this application.

“Surely we must have something that can meet the approval of people who have made comments in the past.”

Mr Lloyd also believes the hotel would offer significant benefits to the local economy.

“We have the potential for leisure units and a café on the site, which would complement the hotel itself,” he said.

“Hopefully this offers an opportunity to bring more people back to the area.

“It has been noted that until we get more overnight accommodation we are not going to get the greatest success from festivals and the night-time economy.

“This also offers a significant employment opportunity for the town.”

He also said that as part of the negotiations the NCP carpark on Lombard Street could be open later, which could offer more opportunities for the town.

Mr Mathew Skinner, chairman of the planning committee, agreed that it would benefit the economy.

“Hopefully this will help it to proceed without delay,” he said.

“The overnight spend compared to those visiting during the day is significant, something like seven times more, so this would help.”

Mr Martyn Cleasby said he was a big fan of the new design for the hotel.

“The last abomination that was presented to us was awful so it’s nice to see a sensible and pleasing building is being planned for the site,” he said.

The town councillors’ comments will be sent to Newark and Sherwood Council, which decides the application.