Marshalls Coaches was affected by the flooding.
Marshalls Coaches was affected by the flooding.

Information is wanted about flash flooding that hit Sutton-on-Trent to try to ensure it does not happen again.

Businesses and homes were badly affected by the localised downpour on June 2.

Nottinghamshire County Council, the lead local flood agency, and the Internal Drainage Board will be at a drop-in session on Monday at the Methodist Community Centre, from 2pm to 7pm.

They want to hear from affected people to get an accurate picture of what happened.

Anyone who suffered or saw the flooding is encouraged to share their experiences.

Videos and CCTV of water flows, photographs of the flooding, and people with rainfall gauges in the village are wanted.

A spokesman said: "The session is designed to be as informal as possible. Staff will collate the information, which will be used to help determine what can be done to reduce the risk of flooding in the future."