Tyres fly tipped in Stapleford Woods
Tyres fly tipped in Stapleford Woods

Cameras placed to help tackle fly tipping in a popular walking spot have led to the successful prosecution of a Newark man.

Jacob Beech, 19, of Ropewalk Farm,Tolney Lane, has appeared before Lincoln magistrates charged with knowingly causing or permitting controlling waste to be deposited on land without a permit and failing to comply with a request for information.

He was sentenced to 18 weeks in prison, suspended for a year and ordered to pay £1,539 costs. 

Footage of a vehicle registered to him was seen disposing of the tyres in Stapleford Woods on December 17 2016.

He initially denied visiting the location but pleaded guilty to both offences after the prosecution outlined how the offence was a deliberate one. 

The court was told he had headed to the woods to dispose of the tyres. The amount of waste was significant and could have had a great impact on the environment.

Beech failed to supply further evidence to support his claim that he was with a friend while he was in the vehicle which would have helped officers to follow up inquiries about the fly tipping.

Mr Pete Burley, an executive board member of North Kesteven District Council, said afterwards it was a deliberate act of fly tipping in their district.

"We will always take action where possible," he said.

"We urge anyone who is disposing of waste to do so legally. We have a beautiful district and together we should look after it."