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Should schools provide childcare outside of normal term time?

12:35pm Fri Oct 09, 2015
Police want to speak to a man about burglaries and robberies in the Newark area.
8:00am Fri Oct 09, 2015
A French lumberjack has been helping students at Newark’s internationally-renowned school of violin-making get the very best wood for their instruments.
7:00am Fri Oct 09, 2015
Youngsters at a charity that has popstar Jay McGuiness as its patron are urging voters to support him as he performs on the BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing.
7:36pm Thu Oct 08, 2015
Two people were taken to hospital after a serious collision on the A52 near Bingham.
3:08pm Thu Oct 08, 2015
Pupils are being urged to donate their unwanted football kit and equipment to children less fortunate than themselves.
2:20pm Thu Oct 08, 2015
A man has been banned from driving after he admitted being in charge of a Fiat Punto on the street where he lives while unfit through drink.
12:54pm Thu Oct 08, 2015
Residents are being encouraged to attend a public exhibition showing proposals for flood defences at Southwell Racecourse.
11:49am Thu Oct 08, 2015
A fresh chapter in the history of a long-established Newark furniture store begins tomorrow with the opening of its newly-refurbished premises.
11:29am Thu Oct 08, 2015
Engineers from Severn Trent Water took a break from laying pipes and sewers to volunteer at a village museum and community shop.
10:52am Thu Oct 08, 2015
A veteran who was shot through the stomach during the second world war has been given France’s top honour.
10:00am Thu Oct 08, 2015
Links between Nottinghamshire and Germany have been strengthened with the marriage of a former Toot Hill School pupil and his bride from Bingham’s twin town.
9:16am Thu Oct 08, 2015
Newark showed its support for Beaumond House Community Hospice this week by supporting its Bright Blue campaign.
Treatment delay
The article, A&E Handover Times Above Target Figure (Advertiser, September 24) gave details of long delays experienced by patients in ambulances waiting outside King’s Mill and Lincoln hospitals.

While the target set by the NHS for patient handovers is within 15 minutes, the majority (more than 70%) of all Newark emergencies exceeded that. Some waited two hours or longer.

In 2012 David Flory, as deputy head of the NHS, writing about ambulance to hospital handover times, stated: “There should be no doubt that the delays have an adverse impact on patient experience of the service and increase risk to patient safety.”

For Newark patients, however, the poor experience of the service and the safety risk they are exposed to are not just confined to the poor hand-over times.
­— FRANCIS TOWNDROW, chairman, Say Yes to Newark Hospital.
Chance meeting
AREALISTIC opportunity presents itself to finally provide pupils at Newark Orchard School with the learning environment they deserve. The school, which caters for pupils with special needs, is on two main sites — Appletongate and London Road.

The Advertiser has led the way in highlighting the dilapidated state of the outdated buildings on both sites that are no longer fit for purpose and is backing a campaign by parents to provide pupils with the school they should have.

No youngsters should go to a school where roofs leak and buckets are used to catch rainwater that drips through.

Additional problems at the Orchard include doors not being wide enough for wheelchairs and standing frames to fit through.

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