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Should the Government bail out hospital trusts struggling with PFI payments?

7:58pm Wed Oct 22, 2014
Changes made by East Midlands Ambulance Service following the death of a stroke victim who waited an hour for an ambulance to arrive were outlined at the conclusion of evidence at the inquest into his death today (Wednesday).
4:46pm Wed Oct 22, 2014
More than 1,000 students attended a careers event on Tuesday aimed at helping them decide on their future.
4:00pm Wed Oct 22, 2014
A book signed by Lawrence of Arabia, which could be worth up to £70,000, will be among lots at an auction at Sotheby’s.
3:43pm Wed Oct 22, 2014
Time lost in the treatment of Caunton pensioner Mr John Mallalieu was unlikely to have prevented him dying, according to the doctor who treated him at City Hospital, Nottingham.
11:17am Wed Oct 22, 2014
A ninjutsu class completed a 24-hour training marathon to mark its 24th birthday.
9:28am Wed Oct 22, 2014
A Scout leader with a love of history is encouraging children to take part in a project to get an image of every war memorial in the country.
8:19am Wed Oct 22, 2014
Professional musician Jim Stretton gave children a noisy introduction to the world of brass music.
7:52am Wed Oct 22, 2014
Julie Symcox took this picture of a sunrise over Muskham.
6:13pm Tue Oct 21, 2014
A stroke team was on stand-by waiting to treat a pensioner when his ambulance was diverted from their hospital to another, an inquest heard today (Tuesday).
6:04pm Tue Oct 21, 2014
Military vehicles from the past will be in Newark Market Place on Saturday, and for the following two Saturdays, in support of a poppy appeal.
4:03pm Tue Oct 21, 2014
A GRANT of nearly £¼m has been made to Magnus Church of England Academy, Newark, for a complete refurbishment of its food technology block.
2:19pm Tue Oct 21, 2014
Christmas trees decorated with lights will once again adorn Southwell’s streets during the festive season.
Road review required
Recent experience makes me wonder just why big business has been actively encouraged to locate resources at Newark.

Eddie Stobart and others have established large operations and must now be regretting it because of the quite ridiculous traffic situation that occurs in the town with monotonous regularity.

The most recent antiques fair at Newark Showground was a case in point, generating queues on the A1, A17 and A46 from the early hours of the Thursday.

The queues on the A1 that occur every time a major event is held on the showground are particularly dangerous and it must be clear to all that the current road layout is not fit-for-purpose and needs to be reviewed.
— JOHN HOLLAND, Main Street, Bathley.
Wind of change
Wind turbines are certainly not to everyone’s taste — either in terms of appearance, how they operate or assessments of their efficiency. More of them, however, continue to spring up.

Opponents argue that they are too expensive, they are inefficient, not very green and are an eyesore.

Supporters, on the other hand, say they are attractive, a good source of renewable energy, and will help reduce reliance on imported energy.

Three giant turbines are set to be built just outside Newark, in Hawton, after a developer’s successful appeal against Newark and Sherwood District Council’s decision to refuse planning permission.

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