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Is Great North Road, Newark, the right place for a major supermarket?

7:06am Mon Sep 01, 2014
Medical experts with decades of experience in the health sector have written to the chief executive of the NHS asking him to carry out a full review of the strategy for Newark Hospital.
7:03am Mon Sep 01, 2014
A mechanic will drive 2,500 miles in five days for the Alzheimer’s Society. Andy Branston, 42, of Rowan Close, Bingham, will drive a 2002 E-Class Mercedes across Europe as part of the Screwball Rally.
3:28pm Sun Aug 31, 2014
An accident that was causing delays on the A46 has been cleared.
2:33pm Sun Aug 31, 2014
A club that provides social activities for adults with learning disabilities has set up base in Newark’s RAFA Club.
10:12am Sun Aug 31, 2014
A mother who lost her unborn child to a rare birth defect has been contacted by three other women who read her story in the Advertiser.
8:58am Sun Aug 31, 2014
Police and fire crews rescued a woman from the River Trent at Newark this morning (Sunday).
5:26pm Sat Aug 30, 2014
Fire crews rescued a man from scaffolding in East Bridgford this morning (Saturday).
2:31pm Sat Aug 30, 2014
An American choir will host a singing workshop in Newark before heading off on the next stage of its European tour.
10:09am Sat Aug 30, 2014
AN historian is seeking more information about four men from his village who died during the first world war.
4:40pm Fri Aug 29, 2014
A dog groomer has won her third best in show in six years.
12:26pm Fri Aug 29, 2014
An action group opposing a proposed sand and gravel quarry gathered more than 300 signatures for their petition in less than an hour.
10:41am Fri Aug 29, 2014
Members of the public are being invited to explore the largest inland dry dock in Britain as part of a series of summer open days.
Disabled rights
I AM amazed at the views of Mr King, of Kings Floorings, with reference to the disabled badge holders of Newark (Firm Fined Despite Paying For Permit, Advertiser, August 14).

Disabled people who live or visit Newark for whatever purpose have the right, just as Mr King, to use public roads.

I would like to remind him that a lot of the disabled of this town and area have in the past suffered because they were prepared to put their bodies on the line for the sole purpose of helping people like Mr King, and the like.

At least most, if not all, disabled people in Newark are spending their money in the town to the benefit of businesses.
— D. UNDERWOOD, Sydney Street, Newark.
Fight goes on
THIS week the Advertiser is delighted to report a major u-turn by the organisation that runs Newark Hospital. Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has backtracked completely and decided that, rather than remove the permanent CT scanner from the hospital, it will instead install a new one at a cost of £½m.

That’s quite a change of mind.

The original decision to remove the scanner, which was paid for in part by public fundraising, prompted outrage on top of the resentment and anger already caused by cuts to services at the hospital.

Even Newark and Sherwood Clinical Comm-issioning Group, which plans services for the hospital, distanced itself from the scanner decision.

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