8:11am Thu Jul 21, 2016
GETTING the children ready for school in the morning can be stressful enough, without the added complication of having to ensure that three each arrive at different ones in time for the start of the day.
Town pride
— SANDRA and TONY HOLLINGSWORTH, Ilkeston. (Full address supplied).
As regular visitors to Newark, may we say how beautiful the town is looking at this time.

The planters around the town, and particularly the large towers in the Market Place, add a wonderful splash of colour.

On a recent visit we spent time in the castle grounds and by the riverside and were very impressed .
Failing to stop
­— K. MORLEY, Newark (Full address supplied).
I read with interest that the long-standing roadworks on Bowbridge Lane and Hawton Lane in Newark could finally be completed by the end of this month (Opening Of Part Of Link Road Delayed For Month, Advertiser, July 14). It is about time.

Every time I go through the roadworks it seems another bit of road has been dug up. Just as I think the project is nearing completion, work starts on another part.

I will be one of the motorists who will probably benefit when the southern relief road is complete but my patience is wearing thin, and I am not the only one.
Relief after turbine decision
­— DAVE SANKEY, leader of the Elston opposition campaign.
I write in connection with the defeat of the application by the Southwell Diocese to erect at Brecks Lane, Elston, within 800 metres of one residence and 700 metres of two others, a wind turbine 5-metres higher than the spire of Newark Parish Church.

The first application, made in October 2013, was for an even taller turbine, 1½-times the height of the church spire.

The first application was withdrawn when the diocese was told that it was about to be refused on grounds of the visual impact on the heritage monuments in the area.
Raise standards
— (Mrs) S. HOWARD, Balderton (Full address supplied).
Not everyone agrees with the concept of free schools, but if that is what it takes to help restore acceptable levels of secondary education attainment in the town, then so be it.

The Torch Academy Gateway Trust that is behind the plans seems to be have all the right credentials.

Let’s hope the impending arrival of Newark Toot Hill also plays a part in improving standards at the Magnus and Newark academies.
School places
— A. CHAMBERS, Newark (Full address supplied).
Whatever your political views, approval for Newark’s free school must surely be welcomed by anyone with a stake in the town’s education system (Free School To Herald Fresh Start, Advertiser, July 14).

Every morning, as I drive to work, I despair at the number of pupils I see waiting to board buses taking them to out-of-town schools.

Yet, despite my despair, I too would probably be one of those parents wanting their children to travel in order to get the best education available.
Out of place
­— A. M. WADDINGTON, Viking Way, Metheringham.
The proposal for a Travelodge on the former Robin Hood Hotel site in Newark looks far too modern for the adjoining buildings on the other corners of Albert Street, Lombard Street and Cartergate, and is out of keeping with the main buildings in the town.

When the main Robin Hood building was demolished the powers-that-be failed to take any apparent action to preserve and consolidate the three Grade II townhouses, and thus they have become an eyesore at this gateway into the main part of Newark.

But if they are so important why didn’t the Nottinghamshire Preservation Trust, and others of a like mind, not do something at that time?
Hospital support
— FRANCIS TOWNDROW, chairman, Say Yes To Newark Hospital.
In September 2015 the Advertiser reported that many Newark patients taken by ambulances experienced long handover delays at King’s Mill and Lincoln hospitals before being treated.

It was reported that more than 70% of patients from the Newark NG24 postcode had waited longer than the 15- minute target time to be seen, and some more than two hours.

The figures were obtained by the Say Yes To Newark Hospital campaign group under the Freedom of Information Act.
Moving farewell
— ERNEST and ELAINE PEGG,Whetstone, Leicester.
We would like to thank all the people of Bentinck Road, Newark, for the lovely street party held on July 3 to mark our lmove from the street.

It was a wonderful surprise and we enjoyed it immensely.

We have moved to be nearer our family but Newark, and the people of Bentinck Road in particular, will always be in our hearts.
Art on show
­— YVONNE and PAUL SPRECKLEY, Farn-don (Full address supplied).
On July 1 we went to Newark College to see an art and design exhibition put on by 15 students there.

All 15 will be going to either universities or colleges to further their chosen careers.

We were very impressed with the high standard of work on display and wish them all good luck in the future.
Memories of war
­— D. A. ROY, Bailey Road, Newark.
I would like to thank the Advertiser, on behalf of the Balderton branch of the Royal British Legion, for its coverage leading up to the 100th anniversary of the first day of the Battle of the Somme.

I was in the Army for six years ­— I was in Africa for 2½ years and had two years in Malaysia, but that was a holiday compared with what they had to endure in the first world war.

My father was at the Somme, a week after the first engagement. He was injured and sur-vived, and then gassed at Ypres, but he lived to 83 years-old.
Uplifting words
— KIRSTY ADLARD, Eastern Court, Newark.
The Credo column (Don’t Let Weather Dampen Your Spirits, Advertiser, July 7) really lifted my spirits.

Having returned from a very wet holiday in Cumbria with a cough and cold, and losing a sentimentally valuable necklace and a new cheque book, I was in, as Fran Yates aptly described it, a glum mood.

Her caring, down-to-earth, words cheered me considerably and I do thank both her and the Advertiser for expressing them.

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