7:54am Thu Dec 08, 2016
WHEN the Advertiser asked readers to help find the final £4,000 needed to help Newark Orchard School buy a new minibus there was a fantastic response.
Road manners
­— D. PRINCE, Balderton (Full address supplied).
Many modern motorists seem to have forgotten their manners when to comes to fellow drivers.

If there is an obstruction on your side of the road you have to wait and give way to oncoming traffic.

I acknowledge this courtesy with a wave of thanks, but an increasing number of drivers for whom I do the favour seem to regard such a response as beneath them.
Staff praise
— VIC HALL, Queen Street, Balderton.
My congratulations go to the hard-working frontline staff of Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust for hauling the trust out of special measures after three years in the shadows (Health Trust Lifted Out Of Special Measures (Advertiser, November 10).

I only hope that the management team can use this new- found status and support the staff by attracting much-needed specialists, consultants and other staff.

More importantly, I hope the trust is not interfered with by the bureaucrats from Westminster who, I feel, have already dealt Newark Hospital a body-blow by kicking into touch the anticipated merger with Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust.
Questions over sports hub
­— IVAN BASS, Newark (Full address supplied).
As a member of Newark Castle Cycling Club, Newark Town FC and the father of two sons who both cycle, play football and will play more sport if they have the opportunity, I have followed the news relating to the development of the town’s proposed sports hub with great interest.

From what I have seen and heard the plans that have been developed by the Newark Sports Association (NSA) would seem to provide us with everything that we need.

The board of the NSA clearly has all the skills, knowledge and commitment needed to deliver a project of this type.
Soldier search
— ELIZABETH JONES, churchwarden, Norwell.
I am attempting to trace relatives of Fred Ash who served in the Army in the first world war.

Fred was born in 1899 in Fulbeck, but lived in Norwell from 1900.

He died in 1971 and is buried in the churchyard of St Laurence Church, Norwell.
Praise for town
— PAULA SARGEANT, Boston, Lincolnshire (Full address supplied).
I felt I had to put pen to paper following the warmest of welcomes my mother and I received on a recent shopping trip to Newark.

We found residents and shop assistants consistently friendly, and service uniquely and overwhelmingly efficient.

Thank you so very much to the lovely lady who sold us some jam in The Buttermarket; to the staff of Bentley’s Fish Restaurant; to the wonderful ‘Tita’ of St Mary Magdalene Church; and even to the gentleman who saw us looking at the school of violin-making in Kirkgate and gave us a potted history.
Street cleaning
— PHILIP WRIGHT, Wolsey Road, Newark.
Having read the article in the Advertiser about litter in the town centre (New Scheme Will Tackle Litter On Town Centre Streets, Advertiser, November 17) I find it hard to accept that this is a pilot scheme.

My dad worked for the council and was a member of the street cleaning team for more than 20 years, keeping the town centre and surrounding areas clean and tidy.

My dad retired 35 years ago but the team carried on with this job until council cutbacks.
Cricket memories
— T. LAMB, King’s Road, Newark.
In an age when most sports clubs are struggling to perform, or even exist, what good news it was to read that Newark Ransome and Marles Cricket Club was to receive a donation from the William Edward Knight charity (Bowled Over By Award To Cricket Club, Advertiser, November 17).

The donation towards new changing facilities will help the team move forward.

I first watched cricket played at Kelham Road more than 50 years ago.
Lost and found
— PAUL DACHTLER, Fosse Road, Farndon.
After an afternoon of shopping in Newark I realised I had lost my gold signet ring somewhere in and around the town.

I have had this ring for more than 25 years so it holds a lot of sentimental value.

I rang the stores I had visited just in case it had been handed in. I even rang the police station.
Credit to improving trust
­ — ROBERT JENRICK, MP for Newark.
The letter, Strategy Relied On Merger (News Views, November 24) by Mr Paul Bagguley gave an overly negative and misleading impression of the state of our local NHS, which I wanted to address.

As regular readers will know, I do not hold back in criticising our local NHS bosses when criticism is due.

I do not shrink from highlighting failure and demanding better.
Kind words
— ROGER TEMPLER, Brewers Wharf, Newark.
I write in support of Helen Phillips regarding the benefits of living in a diverse community (Look Outwards, News Views, November 24) in her response to a previous letter.

She elegantly expressed the virtues of tolerance, diversity and inclusion.

I am a pensioner and I despair that my contemporaries seem eager to repeat the mistakes of the past.
Pay up for toilets
— (Mrs) MARY HOLLAND, Meadow Road, Balderton.
I was disappointed to read the article regarding the loss of income from the public toilets in St Marks Place, Newark (£33,000 — The Cost Of Spending A Penny At Public Toilets).

My friends and I fought a two-year battle to maintain public toilets within this area after the old ones were converted into shops.

We spent many hours and put in a lot of legwork gathering support via a petition, which was presented to the council.

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