7:52am Thu Feb 11, 2016
PLENTY of people have responded to the call to support Newark’s Beaumond House Community Hospice as it battles to secure its long-term future. The Advertiser has backed a fundraising campaign launched to counteract a sharp fall in its revenue.
Is the health secretary right to impose a new contract on junior doctors?

eg: Restaurant, School
Impact on pupils
— D. PRINCE, Balderton (Full address supplied).
I really feel for the parents of children at The Newark Academy.

As a result of teachers’ industrial action, which looked set to continue today, they are having to make alternative arrangements for their children to be looked after.

Perhaps more importantly, for those with children in exam years, they are seeing valuable lesson time go to waste only a couple of months before they sit their GCSEs.
Memorial call
— ASHLEY IRONS, Orchard Way, Balderton.
I think a roadside memorial to those who served at, and lost their lives from, RAF Balderton is well overdue.

I realise there is a memorial in the grounds of the care home near the site, but hardly anyone knows it is there and there is no information board.

I’d like to see a RAF Balderton memorial wall or stone and information board at the side of the B6326 between Shire Lane and Hollowdyke Lane.
Missing point
— R. GRAVES, Main Street, Farndon.
I’m worried about missing cats’ eyes.

For weeks now there have been signs up on the entrances to the A46 telling us about this issue, and yet it seems the cats’ eyes still haven’t been found.

Perhaps Highways England should learn from pet owners who have lost their precious companions, and offer a reward for their safe return.
Access issues
— JAMES WEALE, Oakfield Road, Fernwood.
I agree with suggestions that Newark and Sherwood District Council could have built its new offices on the Fernwood Business Park rather than in Newark.

The council would then have experienced at first-hand ‘island living’ as the only main access and exit points to and from Fernwood are over the A1 bridge, which is often cut off because of accidents on the A1.

Council staff would have also experienced the lack of bus services during working hours.
Best for all
— VIC HALL, Queen Street, Balderton.
Recently, late at night, I attended Newark Hospital suffering severe pain and discomfort.

All the staff were exceptional, and did all they could with the limited resources available, for which I thank them.

The main problem was quickly diagnosed, and then relieved by two nurses on Sconce Ward with great expertise.
Rail line needs investment
— BOB POYNTER, Collingham (Full address supplied).
I am no apologist for Network Rail, but see it as very disappointing that our politicians have chosen to criticise the company on its consultation over plans to close level crossings in the Newark area, rather than address the far more important issue of why the Government has not got the funding in place to deliver the closures (Apology Over Level Crossing Closures Plan Information, Advertiser, January 28).

The East Coast main line is one of the most important strategic routes in Europe and a vital transport link for Newark.

Investment on the route has been sadly lacking over the last 20 years and it is now in urgent need of upgrading to improve reliability and allow more trains to run.
Welcome home
— MATTHEW DICKINSON, Vale View, Grange Road, Newark.
For the second time in the last couple of years I have had to spend several months in the wonderful Newark Hospital with a recurring problem.

My treatment, on both occasions, by staff in the hospital was magnificent.

After being released I have been welcomed back by staff at Vale View Sheltered Housing where I live.
Refugee crisis
— ALAN WOOD, Vine Way, Newark.
Having been bombed during the second world war gives me some empathy with people trying to escape from wars in the Middle East and Africa and, as a Christian, I expect to help.

The sheer scale of the problem is, however, without precedent.

I do not believe Europe can take in millions of refugees without destabilising its governance and economic well-being, with a global knock-on effect that would last for years.
Military defence
­— REG PEARSON, Burgage Close, Southwell.
I find it incredible that Iraq War veterans are to be investigated, and possibly prosecuted, for alleged war crimes.

Soldiers are under immense pressure ­— those going to investigate should try spending six months in a war zone.

This inquiry should be treated with kid gloves and understanding.
Decision awaited
— DOREEN LANGFORD, Marlborough Close, Newark.
Just what are the residents of Newark and the surrounding villages to think of the proposed merger of Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS Found-ation Trust (SFHT) with that of another health trust?

Which one it will be, of course, has yet to be decided.

There seem to be lots of meetings taking place at the moment.
Theatre sets the standard
— ED LOWE, Vine Way, Newark.
Myself and my husband regularly attend shows and events at the Palace Theatre, Newark, where the disability access is absolutely wonderful.

With the recent and ongoing renovations, it has become even better.

I know all the staff and volunteers at the theatre and they are truly amazing.
Market forces
— JOHN FREEMAN, Tinsley Close, Claypole.
Articles in the Advertiser are a clear indictment of the appalling mess the government is making of our schools system.

It is reported that the Lincoln-based business that runs The Newark Academy is making staff redundant because of a temporary downturn in student numbers (Pickets At School Gate, January 21).

We also read more about the Bingham-based business that wants to open a new free school (Free School Plan Gains Support From Parents, January 21).
Pupil places
— ANNE READMAN, Main Street, North Muskham.
The Advertiser has reported that there is a surplus of pupil places at The Newark Academy.

It has been estimated that up to 1,000 children leave Newark every day for secondary schools elsewhere.

There are, in fact, places available for these pupils at both The Newark Academy and Magnus Church of England Academy.

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