8:52am Fri Aug 26, 2016
Congratulations go to Shona McCallin, of Dry Doddington, who has returned home from Rio with an extra item in her luggage — an Olympic gold medal. It is a symbol of years of hard work and dedication that started at Newark Hockey Club.
Getting it right
— (Mrs) DOREEN LANGFORD, Marlborough Close, Newark.
I agree with the policy of right place, first time, for heart, stroke and head injuries.

But in the case of Mrs Kath Coulter (Minor Injuries Staff Praised For Life-saving Care, Advertiser, August 4) who took her husband to Newark Hospital, she did exactly the right thing not knowing what his condition was and, in this instance, it seems to have been the right place, first time.

The staff at Newark Hospital did a wonderful job reviving Mr Coulter before his transfer to Nottingham City Hospital.
Keep bus service
— KATH READ, Bancroft Road, Newark.
I was dismayed to read that the free bus service from Newark to and from King’s Mill Hospital, Sutton-in-Ashfield, might be axed (Future Of Free Hospital Bus Link Put In Doubt, Advertiser, August 11).

It is said such a potentially useful service is under-used.

Maybe the people who would benefit from it do not know about it.
NHS changes can be made
­— FRANCIS TOWNDROW, chairman, Say Yes To Newark Hospital.
the article, Spiralling A&E Costs Lead To Health Warning (Advertiser, August 11) reported Newark and Sherwood Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) was committed to finding savings of £7.2m this financial year.

Newark MP Robert Jenrick said: “The NHS has committed to finding efficiency savings year-on-year as part of a five-year plan agreed by its management.”

But can our elected representatives trigger a direction change on that plan? Yes, they can.
Driving lessons
— (Mrs) J. MARSHALL, Newark (Full address supplied).
I totally agree about drivers just parking, without a care, in spaces for the disabled (Blatant Abuse, News Views, July 28).

It doesn’t seem to enter these people’s heads that they are doing anything wrong and it’s a case of I’m all right Jack.

They don’t seem to care about anyone else and are very selfish.
Let down by lack of toilets
— DAVID BRIGGS, The Green, Kingston on Soar, Nottingham.
Newark is a great place to visit, there is no question about that.

My wife and I enjoyed a day in your lovely town earlier this month.

We caught a 55-minute direct train from East Midlands Parkway to Newark Castle railway station, had a very enjoyable visit to the National Civil War Centre (which was certainly good value and well worth a visit) had a wander around the small shops and alleyways, a couple of excellent pints at the finest micro pub in England, dinner at a delightful Indian restaurant and a pleasant stroll back to the station for the journey home.
Simplify bills
­— KIM LOGAN, Shakespeare Street, Nottingham (Formerly of Newark).
Electricity and gas bills are so complicated the customer has no real chance of understanding them.

Our new Prime Minister should get the power companies to simplify things and give consumers a fairer deal.
Scrap scheme
­— D. HINCHLEY, Acacia Road, Balderton.
The public are being urged to report fly-tipping by Newark and Sherwood District Council (Speak Out To Help Stop Fly-tippers, Advertiser, August 4).

But Nottinghamshire County Council wants us to register our car registration numbers, which I believe will encourage fly-tipping.

They need to do away with that idea otherwise it will only get worse.
Tipping point
— (Mrs) L. PAIGE, Newark (Full address supplied).
Newark and Sherwood Dis-trict Council is asking for help in bringing fly-tippers to justice (Speak Out To Help Stop Fly-tippers, Advertiser, August 4).

That is all very well, but the likelihood is there will be even more illegally dumped rubbish to deal with when Nottinghamshire County Coun-cil’s ill-conceived registration system comes into force.

I am sure there will be plenty of people unwilling to go through the rigmarole of submitting their details so they can use the county’s remaining tips.
Draw a line
­— N. I. S. WADSWORTH, Bullpit Road, Balderton.
Please don’t let there be another round of people trying to get double yellow lines on Bullpit Road in Balderton (Parking Problems, News Views, July 28).

As we are aware, it is very busy for 15 minutes in the morning and ten minutes in the afternoon.

Other than that, it is always very quiet.
Bus passes vital for OAPs
­— JOHN D. PERRY, Epperstone (Full address supplied).
Your correspondent Alan Pardham makes an interesting point by suggesting that, in order to avoid bus service withdrawals, pensioners lose their concessionary travel passes and pay half-fare (End Free Travel Scheme, News Views, August 4).

Such a decision, however, would result in real hardship for many elderly people and it is doubtful if such an action would have the desired effect and save at risk services.

Many bus services are kept in operation simply because it is pensioners’ bums on seats that keep them doing so.
Helping hands
­— JOAN TURNBULL, Coniston Road, Dronfield Woodhouse, Dronfield.
On August 3 I visited Newark with a group from the Townswomen’s Guild in Dronfield.

Unfortunately, I had a fall outside the town’s magnificent parish church.

Several people came to help but I have no way of getting in touch to thank each of them.

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