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THE dangers of pedestrians misusing rail track crossings should be clear to all. Some people, however, seem to think it is worth risking their lives to save just a few minutes of their time.
Should the school summer holidays be reduced from six weeks?

eg: Restaurant, School
Pet distress
— BARBARA ROBERTSON, Yorke Drive, Newark.
I have been a tenant of Newark and Sherwood Homes for many years and have always been fairly treated.

I was appalled, however, to read that Mr Alan Bexon is being made to give up his much-loved pet dog, despite undergoing treatment for cancer (Cancer Patient Is Told To Get Rid Of His Pet Dog, Advertiser, August 20). This dog will be a great source of comfort and help to Mr Bexon at this time.

I am undergoing treatment for cancer and my elderly cat is my best friend and a huge comfort to me so I can understand the distress this poor man must be going through.
Traffic mayhem
— PAUL DACHTLER, Fosse Road, Farndon.
Newark came to a standstill yet again on Thursday and Friday last week.

Traffic was all the way back to Flintham on the A46 trying to get through Newark.

Vehicles passing through were causing mayhem in the town centre.
Respite centre
— TREVOR FRECKNALL, Main Street, North Muskham.
As our councillors — county, district and town — are impotently resigned to Woods Court care home in Newark being closed; stubbornly supportive of the King’s Mill Hospital super-dream at Sutton-in-Ashfield rather than the practicality of Newark having a proper hospital; and complacent enough to accept it will be a decade before anything can be done to ease the A1/A46 traffic chaos; would it not be fitting if the Robin Hood Hotel embarrassment was left as it is and used as a respite shack for bewildered planners and bankrupt developers?
Pie status raises questions
— SUZANNAH STARKEY, Southwell (Full address supplied).
As a fourth generation Bramley apple grower, whose family have pioneered the renaissance of the original Bramley seedling, I would like to make the following points about the article, Bramley Pie Filling Gets EU Protected Status (Advertiser, August 6).

Firstly, all publicity for our beloved fruit of Southwell is to be celebrated.

Secondly, however, the geographical status does not mention Southwell. How, therefore, can it be applied?
Planning ahead for remembrance
— LAURENCE GOFF, chairman, Friends of Newark Cemetery.
I read with interest the Advertiser story about Mr Adam “Jock” Gordon, 95, a Newark man who survived being forced to help build the Burma railway while a prisoner of war (PoW Recalls Japanese Brutality, Advertiser, August 13).

We should be grateful to him for his story and his sacrifice for our freedom.

A gentleman asked me where the Friends of Newark Cemetery were on VJ Day. He said he was the only person to show up in the Newark Market Place to remember this event.
Permit proposal
— COLIN SOUTHGATE, Coddington (Full address supplied).
On the subject of residents’ parking in Newark, A. Cloke concludes that there isn’t a simple solution (Permits Not The Solution, News Views, August 20).

When my wife and I visited Weymouth, I was amazed to find that I could park for free for one hour in a residents’ parking zone.

Many of Newark’s resident bays sit empty for much of the working day — Appletongate and Friary Road, for example — and are a short walk from shops.
Always right
— Lyn Harris, chairman of Southwell Town Council highways sub-committee.
I would like to clarify my position concerning traffic on Halloughton Road, Southwell, after it was reported I said residents could still turn right into the road for access.

Traffic must adhere to the ‘no right turn’ signs from Westgate into Halloughton Road.

I admire the residents, who are faced with much inconvenience and frustration over access to their homes. They are following the new signs even though it causes longer journey times.
Permits not the solution
– A. CLOKE, Newark (Full address supplied).
I cannot help but think that while residents’ parking permits (Permit Plan Set To Ease Town Parking Issues, Advertiser, August 6) will be great for the streets where they are to be imposed, they will simply shift the problem elsewhere.

On and off-street parking throughout Newark has been the subject of much debate for years and perhaps now is the time to look at the problem across the board.

People park on streets while at work instead of paying for all-day parking in a long-stay town carpark. Also, many houses do not have off-road parking so residents’ have to park on the road.
Thanks to...
— J. Veater, Balderton.
...the kind person who handed in my train tickets to Northgate station, the weekend of August 8-9.

Please could you contact the Advertiser if you were the person concerned.
Foul play
— N. Holloway, Balderton (Full address supplied).
Having previously been full of praise for the facilities for little ones at the Coronation Street playing fields, Balderton, I was very disappointed, though not surprised, by my recent visit.

Dogs are not allowed near the children’s play equipment, so youngsters can usually play without any fear of treading in dog dirt. Yet, just after leaving the fenced-in area, I picked up my two-year-old and soon realised she had dog dirt on her shoe.

That was bad enough (the smell if nothing else) but before I had realised, the dirt had got on the seat (where I lifted her in) and pedals of her trike.
Bridge burden
— ERIC WHITE, Main Street, North Muskham.
MR HARRISON (Taking A Different View To Closure, News Views, August 13) should stick to the point.

My letter (Crossing Proposal Not A Problem, News Views, August 6) opposing a railway bridge over the East Coast mainline was not referring to hospitals or any other public amenity.

The crossing at Church Lane, North Muskham, is closed on a regular basis, but not by 50 minutes an hour.
Near miss
— Mrs A. Smith, Boundary Road, Newark.
How right K. Morley is (Wrong Turn, News Views, August 13) as he questions when something is going to done to stop motorists turning right in and out of Asda on Portland Street.

I witnessed a car turning right into the carpark from Portland Street on Sunday without even bothering to indicate. Luckily the van travelling towards the traffic lights was not driving fast and so a collision was avoided.

I am sure this will not always be the case if the problem persists.
Vital work to help homeless
— Cathy Barker-Powell, Linton Close, Farndon.
In my role as a Newark town councillor, I was pleased to receive an invitation to the open day at Russell House.

This was an excellent opportunity to learn about the work done by Framework in both housing and educating homeless people in Newark.

While the accommodation and support set-up is admirable in itself, the life skills programme undertaken by residents is of vital importance, as it is skills such as literacy and numeracy, budgeting, the ability to organise daily life, deal with conflict resolution and take care of oneself that help people in the transition to more stable independent lives.
Entice shoppers
— John Newstead, Main Street, North Muskham.
Having read various comments about free Sunday/evening parking, and reduced parking charges during the day, I must add my own observations.

On Sunday, we parked in the Riverside carpark, Newark. It was only half full, yet Tolney Lane was parked up, not just cars but also caravans, to such an extent that it was impossible for two-way traffic.

It would seem the council would rather create traffic problems than allow free parking in the carpark.
Parking puzzle
— M. W. Thorpe, Marlborough Court, Newark.
THE Advertiser has reported a plan to change parking on streets around Victoria Street and Albert Street, Newark, including double yellow lines.

I have long been puzzled that Portland Street, close to the town centre, has no time limit but Clinton Street, 75 yards further away, has 30 minutes only.

Surely this should be reversed.
Holiday treat
— Mrs M. Goodwin, Hawton Road, Newark.
Well done to Newark and Sherwood Play Support Group for organising its excellent play sessions in the summer holiday.

It is not always easy to keep children entertained, especially when families are on a budget, so to find events that are not only enjoyable but free is a welcome bonus.

Let’s hope that the group continues to get the support and funding it deserves, not only from Nottinghamshire County Council but help from the district and town councils too.
Speedy service
— MRS S. M. JONES, Wilfred Avenue, Balderton.
WHEN I needed an X-ray at Newark Hospital it took 30 minutes from leaving home to returning.

I would have just reached King’s Mill Hospital, Sutton-in-Ashfield, by then.

We may have bigger hospitals, but Newark is the best.

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