8:10am Thu Sep 29, 2016
A SHOCKING report by Ofsted inspectors rates Newark Academy inadequate in all areas. It has been placed in special measures and has many challenges ahead to ensure its pupils receive the level of education they deserve.
Help at hand
­— ANN MORLEY, West Bridgford (Full address supplied).
On Wednesday, September 14, while waiting for the bus from Southwell to Newark, I fainted.

People were very helpful, particularly a gentleman and his son, who made sure that there were no more serious problems and that I arrived in Newark awake and able to cope with the next stage of my day.

They were good Samaritans and I am very grateful to them for their thoughtfulness and care.
Rubbish overflow
­— (Mrs) DOROTHY WOOLLEY, Harcourt Street, Newark.
People in our area of Newark do use the litter bins on posts, but either they are too small or they are not emptied often enough so naturally they overflow, especially in windy weather.
Sort out litter
­— ROGER TEMPLER, Brewers Wharf, Newark.
Litter is turning Newark into a scruffy town. It predominates my attention as I walk into and out of town.

Who is it that leaves cartons of half-eaten junk food on wall tops for me and others to clear up?

Who is it that discards cans and bottles in gutters and grass verges?
Reduce the Lords
­— RAY PEARSON, Burgage Close, Southwell.
It seems we are about to lose 50 MPs in a Parliamentary constituency boundary reshuffle.

Will it make a difference or affect us?

Yes, in savings on MPs’ salaries, but not in so far as the remaining MPs will still vote according to party policy and forget the issues that affect their constituents.
Fishing point
— ANNI KEENE, Newark (Full address supplied).
It is indeed a pretty vile thing to injure any wildlife and, as the chairman of the Grove Angling Club said: “They are such graceful, beautiful creatures to have around. They are a real pleasure.” (Children Blamed After Swan Shot In Head With Catapult, Advertiser, September 22).

He goes on to say they are angry that someone could do such a horrific thing, and asks: “What possible pleasure could they get from it?”

Well, what possible pleasure can anglers get from wounding and injuring graceful and beautiful creatures such as fish?
Limited options for uniform
­— A. M. WADDINGTON, Viking Way, Metheringham, Lincolnshire.
Having worked in a major local education authority and then as a bursar for a comprehensive school in the north-west, I was interested in the articles relating to school uniforms in both the Advertiser and national press.

This did not seem to be a problem in the 1970s or, indeed, my own school days.

We had to have a black blazer (with house badge) white shirt, tie, grey trousers and socks, black shoes and a school cap.
Mindless act
— D. PRINCE, Balderton (Full address supplied).
It was disappointing to read about the attack on wildlife at Balderton Lake (Children Blamed After Swan Shot In Head With Catapult, Advertiser, September 22).

What possesses someone to even think about such mindless acts of cruelty, never mind carry them out?

If they are ever caught they should have the book thrown at them.
Thanks to...
— IAIN MACKAY, Milner Street, Newark.
... the organising committee of this year’s Newark Blues Festival.

Special mention must go to the Pointing family and James Manners for their dedication.

Newark has one of the premier blues festivals in Britain.
Welcome support
— Captain MATT ELSEY, on behalf of all at Newark Salvation Army.
We are writing to the kind people of Newark, Southwell and the surrounding communities to express our gratitude for their amazing generosity during our Big Collection Appeal.

Each year The Salvation Army, both locally and nationally, is overwhelmed by the generosity of the public in its giving to our work.

If we missed you and you would still like to support us, you can forward your donation with the Freepost envelope posted through your door.
Thanks to...
— JUNE HOWSAM, London Road, Balderton.
... staff at the animal care clinic in Kings Road, Newark, and the clients in the waiting room for their thoughtfulness on Wednesday last week. It was much appreciated.
Happy memories
— JANET JOHNSON, Rotorua, New Zealand (Full address supplied).
Reading the article about Newark Notfast Running Club brought back many happy memories of its formation and early years (Club Enjoying Surge In Popularity, Advertiser, September 4).

Even though I now live in New Zealand I remain in touch with some of the friends made during that time and have many photos of the different events I entered in or helped with.

I also have fond memories of entertaining the residents at Hawtonville rest home.
Street names
— ASHLEY IRONS, RAF Balderton Research Group.
As the Fernwood South development is going to be built on land that was once the dispersed sites of RAF Balderton, it would be nice if the developers somehow incorporated a permanent stone memorial to RAF Balderton into the site plans.

Perhaps street names on the development could have some RAF Balderton references, such as Hampden Drive, Whittle Close or Lancaster Road.
Impact on all
— JAMES WEALE, Oakfield Road, Fernwood.
I attended the Newark and Sherwood District Council planning meeting regarding Persimmon Homes’ Fernwood South development that will affect Claypole, Fernwood and, in turn, Balderton and Newark (Plan For 1,800 New Homes Is Given Go-ahead, Advertiser, September 15).

It amazes me that the planning department is still trying to get a quart into a pint pot.

We were shown wonderful illustrations of what Shire Lane “should” look like with happy, smiling faces of new residents.

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