7:57am Thu Jan 12, 2017
WE ARE less than two weeks into 2017, but fears have already been expressed that it could be as long as two years before the sorry saga of Newark’s Robin Hood Hotel reaches a conclusion.
Surgery praise
— DEBBY SMITH, Bede House Lane, Newark.
Maybe I’m just fortunate to be a patient of Barnbygate Surgery, but over the 14 years I have lived in Newark I have never, ever, had a problem getting an appointment with the emergency GP on the day of the emergency.

I would be astounded if the same situation does not exist in all the local surgeries.

So, if you believe you need an emergency appointment tell the receptionist at your surgery and he or she will get you one that day.
Chaos theory
­— A. M. WADDINGTON, Viking Way, Metheringham.
Having come across the closure of Sleaford Road, Newark, while travelling into Newark last week, we were directed to use Beacon Hill Road as the diversionary route.

Severn Trent programme engineer Mr Nick Wallace had said they would need to close both roads a number of times, but that would not be at the same to allow traffic to keep moving (Roads Set To Close As Tunnelling Work Begins, Advertiser, January 5).

Both Severn Trent and Nott-inghamshire County Council highways department, however, seem to have forgotten that the road from the A1 junction at Coddington is a primary route into Newark, and that both Sleaford Road and Beacon Hill Road are quite narrow, with parked vehicles on both sides of the roads that tend to impede a two-way flow of diversionary traffic.
Not the way
— SIMON COBB, Newark (Full address supplied).
The acceptance by Newark MP Robert Jenrick of an invitation to attend the inauguration of Donald Trump as president of the US is disgusting (Town MP Set To Attend Trump’s Inauguration, Advertiser, Jan-uary 12).

By attending this function Mr Jenrick is condoning a man who I believe has made many outrageous, offensive, derogatory, misogynistic and sexist comments.

Surely this is not the way to represent his Newark constituents.
Don't go
­— CHRISTINE ROSE, Ferry Lane, Carlton-on-Trent.
I was appalled to read that the Newark MP Robert Jenrick was probably the only elected UK MP who would be attending Donald Trump’s inauguration as president of the US (Town MP Set To Attend Trump’s Inauguration, Advertiser, Jan-uary 12).

I have emailed him asking him to reconsider.

To know that my representative is attending a celebration of victory for a man who represents values and views that so many people abhor is disturbing.
Be pragmatic
— CHRIS ALKER, The Woodwards, Balderton.
How much longer do the residents of Newark have to put up with the disgraceful and appalling fiasco surrounding the former Robin Hood Hotel?

Any perceived benefits suggested by those supporting the retention of the building have now been completely negated by having to look at the eyesore at a key entrance to the town for so many years.

Mr Peter Duncan tells us to be careful what we wish for (Revised Hotel Plan For Town Centre Eyesore, Advertiser, January 12) but did we wish for an eyesore that we have had to look at for many years?
Hotel fiasco
­— R. J. HART, Fairway, Newark.
It appears that the previous horrendously inappropriate proposal for a Travelodge on the Robin Hood Hotel site has been radically modified and is to be resubmitted to the district council for approval (Revised Hotel Plan For Town Centre Eyesore, Advertiser, January 12).

The major modification appears to be the addition of an illuminated box on top of the building, providing advantages such as a potential location for a prominent Travelodge logo visible from afar and panoramic views of Asda and the carpark.

The developers have stated that the overall proposal is “fitting,” which says much about their opinion of Newark and its residents and the preservation of their profit levels — and even more about their level of desire to provide suitable recompense for long-term failure to fulfill planning and other obligations.
Parking problem
­— MICHAEL HAWES, Beacon Hill Road, Newark.
I continue to wonder why the developers cannot see the planned Travelodge is doomed to failure (Revised Hotel Plan For Town Centre Eyesore, Advertiser, January 12).

Who will want the inconvenience of staying at a hotel where it is not possible to unload one’s luggage at reception?

Guests must use the NCP carpark across the road, but those with children will certainly look forward to making several trips across Lombard Street and waiting for the lift.
Protect historical heritage
— MALCOLM ASBURY, Elston (Full address supplied).
There are questions to be answered regarding the position taken, particularly when it comes to heritage preservation, by Newark and Sherwood district and Newark town councils regarding the future of the Robin Hood Hotel site (Revised Hotel Plan For Town Centre Eyesore, Advertiser, January 12).

That it is described in the Advertiser as an eyesore is down to council inaction and vacillation, compounded by an apparent failure to enforce preventative measures on the developer to preserve the building.

A few months ago in his As I See It column, Newark MP Robert Jenrick urged the district council, as provided for in the original sale agreement, to take legal action against the developer since it had failed to renovate the building by November 2015 as stipulated.
Bus is a lifeline
— LAURENCE GOFF, Newark (Full address supplied).
The outcome of a service benefit review regarding the free hospital shuttle bus from Newark to King’s Mill was that the service should be decommissioned.

This was on the basis that the service does not provide for a direct health need.

This has been an emotional time for bus users who already feel vulnerable and isolated and will be cut-off from visiting loved ones if Newark and Sherwood Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) removes this important service.
Think again
— DOREEN LANGFORD, Marlborough Close, Newark.
The free shuttle bus that provides transport to King’s Mill Hospital, Sutton-in-Ashfield, is to be axed from January 31 in order to save money for Newark and Sherwood Clinical Commissioning Group (End Of Road For Free Hospital Bus, Advertiser, December 22).

This is an essential service I believe passengers would be willing to pay for to avoid using a bus to Mansfield and then catching another to King’s Mill — and obviously having to repeat that on the return.

I was told this shuttle service was provided to help justify the removal of services from our much-loved, hard-working Newark Hospital.
Hospital staff not to blame
­— PAUL BAGGALEY, secretary, Say Yes To Newark Hospital.
In December Newark MP Mr Robert Jen-rick suggested I had an overly negative view of the state of the local NHS (Credit To Improving Trust, News Views, December 10).

Unfortunately, he misses the point.

My letter (Strategy Relied On Merger, News Views, November 24) highlighted the long-running downgrading of services at Newark Hospital that has adversely affected local healthcare services, impacted on the performance of East Midlands Ambulance Service and the performance of alternative A&E departments.
Thanks to...
— L. SHELDON, Newark (Full address supplied).
... all the people who helped my husband on December 23 when he became ill on London Road, Newark, especially the two men who stopped to help him; Phil, who brought our dog back home, and his wife who called for an ambulance.

What good people.
Seeing the lights
­— MARTIN ROCHE, Newark Castle Cycling Club (Full address supplied).
In reply to the letter, In The Dark (News Views, January 5) I would firstly urge people not to tar all cyclists with the same brush ­— no cyclist gets on a bike with a death-wish.

The minority who do not have lights probably would like to, but who knows individuals’ circumstances?

The majority of cyclists do have lights and myself and fellow club riders ride with lights even during daylight hours.
Missing manners
— (Mrs) J. MARSHALL, Balderton (Full address supplied).
I totally agree with D. Prince (Road Manners, News Views, December 8) who wrote that modern motorists seem to have forgotten their manners.

There are no manners anymore. I have lost count of the number of times I let a driver through only to be ignored.

I think it is a reflection of their attitude to others in their everyday lives.
Parking problems
— A. KEENE, Whitfield Street, Newark.
It appears the problem of parking on streets off London Road, Newark, began with the introduction of a residents’ parking scheme on William Street a year ago.

Naturally, the next street started to get a bit congested at times, and if people are banned from parking in that street, then the next street will suffer, and so it will go on until every road off all the main roads will be attracting extra revenue for the council in the form of parking schemes.

It might be prudent, when people are thinking of living in a street without driveways, that they research whether or not there will be room for all their vehicles outside their house, some being rather large four-wheel drives, flat-bed trucks and large vans.

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