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EWARK Patriotic Fund is warning that a generation of soldiers returning from the frontline face long-term mental health issues resulting from their experiences. The Advertiser today highlights two cases — likely to be the tip of the iceberg — where post traumatic stress disorder has had a major impact.
Are solar farms preferable to wind turbines?

eg: Restaurant, School
3:47pm Wed Jul 13, 2011
Thousands lined the streets of Newark on Sunday to watch dozens of local groups and organisations take part in the carnival parade.
Puzzled by school inspection ruling
— DAVID STONE, Farthingate, Southwell.
The report on the Ofsted inspection at Lowe’s Wong Junior School, Southwell, left me puzzled, then angry (Successful School Told To Improve, Advertiser, April 3).

After a lifetime’s career in teaching in a variety of schools, both primary and secondary, I have been a volunteer at Lowe’s Wong for the past 18 months.

So it does not surprise me to know that, as was reported, it is “one of the best performing schools in the Advertiser area for its ten and 11- year-olds” as this is the very level I have been helping with.
Strange system
— PAUL GREEN, Beacon Way, Newark.
I am sure that, like me, there are many people who are bemused by the fact that we have an independent Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards who can make a recommendation concerning an MP’s activities, only to have it overturned by the Committe for Standards, a group of ten cross-party members, some of whom could have a particular bias in favour of or against the MP in question.

The commissioner, Kathryn Hudson, has compiled her report on the conduct of Pat-rick Mercer, who resigned the Tory whip in 2013 but said that he would continue to represent the people of Newark as an independent MP until the General Election in 2015.

Mr Mercer was voted into office by people who supported the Conservative mandate at the last election so surely, when he resigned the whip, he should have done the honourable thing by standing down and then, if he truly believed that the people of Newark wanted him as their MP, stood again as an independent candidate in the subsequent by-election.
Report due
— IAN WATTERS, Hatton Gardens, Newark.
Last year the Newark MP, Patrick Mercer, was caught on camera apparently taking thousands of pounds for paid advocacy, against the code of conduct for MPs, and allegedly did not declare the income in accordance with the rules.

The revelations resulted in him resigning the Con-servative whip, but staying as an MP pending the report of the Parliamentary Standards Commissioner.

After many months that report has been written.
Right path
— M. CHAMBERS, Weston (Full address supplied).
I must agree with Paul Green on the subject of cycle paths (Cycling Danger, News Views, March 27).

When my family moved to Germany in 1951 one of the first things we noticed were the cycle paths.

It seemed that all major roads in and around towns had them.
Memory lane
— (Mrs) MADGE DAVIDSON, Leeway Road, Southwell.
Looking back to the final journey of the Southwell Paddy, I often wonder if anyone else has unusual treasure from those wonderful days.

Am I the only one in possesion of one of the last tickets issued to my then small son?

A family friend used to take him every week down to the station to see Paddy.
Credit note
— D.PRINCE, Balderton (Full address supplied).
The police should not have withdrawn support for the St George’s Day parade in the first place but credit to Stuart Wallace for helping to ensure it can now go ahead.
On parade
— P. H. ADWICK, Ollerton Road, Caunton.
Well done to Nottinghamshire county councillor Stuart Wall-ace and his colleagues who have stepped in to save the Newark St George’s Day Parade for the Scouts and Guides (St George’s Parade Back On, Advertiser, April 10).

I understand that Mr Wallace is an ex-police officer.

He must be from the same era as myself when the value of supporting youngsters who are gainfully employed was understood.
Time wasted
— IAN THORNE, Beauchamp Barn, Kneesall.
I was taken by emergency ambulance from home to King’s Mill Hospital in 2011 with a dislocated hip.

The ambulance crew had to wait with me for at least two hours until I could be handed over for assessment in A&E.

It was a waste of crew and vehicle time.
Not acceptable
— PAUL BAGGALEY, secretary, Say Yes to Newark Hospital campaign.
The boss of EMAS, Sue Noyes, has confessed that their service is not good enough (Second-rate Service Must Get Better, Advertiser, April 3).

As if we didn’t know.

In the same edition the Advertiser reported on evidence supplied by the Say Yes to Newark Hospital campaign that deaths and heart attacks for people living in the Newark area had risen since the downgrading of Newark Hospital in April 2011.
Service required
— FRANCIS TOWNDROW, chairman, Say Yes to Newark Hospital campaign.
Newark and Sherwood district councillor Peter Duncan sings the praises of Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS Found- ation Trust management for the development of services at Newark Hospital and encouraged local people to ask to be referred there.

I too attended the meeting he referred to, but after reading hs letter (Ask For Referral To Newark Hospital, News Views, April 10) was left wondering whether we were in the same building let alone the same meeting.

The developments that the trust’s Sean Lyons and Peter Wozencroft referred to are old news.
Disturbed by resignation reasons
— F. M. GOULDING, Vernon Street, Newark.
I have lived in Newark for 20 years and on my visits to both my local surgery and Newark Hospital have been most impressed by the ever-increasing standards and courtesy extended to those in need of treatment by the local NHS.

Having now turned 70 I was profoundly disturbed by the letter from Paul Baggaley explaining why he had to resign as a governor of the Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (Ex-governor’s Reasons For Resigning, News Views, March 27).

Mr Baggaley wrote of a meeting being held in private “excluding the public and press,” of governors signing an undertaking that would limit their access to the media “beyond that of any ordinary person” and of the trust “not listening to local people.”
Thanks to...
J. PEACE, Valley Prospect, Newark.
.. the generous people who came to the air ambulance charity stall on Saturday and helped to raise £377.
Parking poser
A. M. WADDINGTON, Viking Way, Metheringham.
I have read with interest news items relating to the National Civil War Centre — Newark Museum in Appletongate, and more recently that it could become a tourist hub including the Palace Theatre and Tourist Information Centre.

I am looking forward to visiting the centre when it opens next spring.

No doubt there are plans to create a visitor walk to enable visitors and tourists to see other relevant Civil War attractions at the same time.
All in the name
MICK LORD, 22 Post Office Row, Coddington.
I would like to thank the Advertiser for the wonderful article on Constance Penswick Smith and Mothering Sunday (Story Behind Mothering Sunday Retold, March 27).

Thanks also to the people and Newark shops and restaurants who said they would try to change advertising from Mother’s Day to Mothering Sunday.

We now have shops with just Mothering Sunday cards for sale on separate racks.
Driving pleasure
DEREK UNDERWOOD, Sydney Street, Newark.
am writing in thanks and appreciation of a voluntary hospital car group operating in Newark.

They are an overworked and very much unsung group of people who deserve a huge pat on the back.

I have been a volunteer driver for the hospital car service for six years but recently, having been diagnosed with impaired sight, have had to stop driving.
Service stretched
(Professor) DAVID L. ED- BROOKE, Low Street, Coll-ingham.
I read with disappointment the articles about the failure of East Midlands Ambulance Service (EMAS) to meet targets (Second-rate Service Must Get Better, Advertiser, April 3).

I am sure EMAS will never be able to fulfil its targets while Newark Hospital is unable to accept patients.

Everyone is in agreement that heart attacks, strokes and major trauma should be sent to a specialist centre, but the majority of patients transported from Newark do not need this specialist care.
Ask for referral to Newark Hospital
PETER DUNCAN, Newark and Sherwood district councillor, Beacon ward, Newark.
While the inner workings of Newark and Sherwood District Council’s new committees might not normally generate headline material, it is important that the electorate be made aware of what their elected representatives are up to.

Foremost among our priorities is the rigorous scrutiny, through these committees, of those individuals and organisations, both within and outside the council, whose activities bear upon our respective remits.

A good example of this occurred at a recent meeting of the leisure and environment committee at which two representatives of Sherwood Forest Hospitals Foundation Trust — chairman Sean Lyons and strategic director Peter Wozencroft — updated us on the current situation regarding the trust in general and Newark Hospital especially.

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