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Wind turbines are certainly not to everyone’s taste — either in terms of appearance, how they operate or assessments of their efficiency. More of them, however, continue to spring up.
Should the Government bail out hospital trusts struggling with PFI payments?

eg: Restaurant, School
Road review required
— JOHN HOLLAND, Main Street, Bathley.
Recent experience makes me wonder just why big business has been actively encouraged to locate resources at Newark.

Eddie Stobart and others have established large operations and must now be regretting it because of the quite ridiculous traffic situation that occurs in the town with monotonous regularity.

The most recent antiques fair at Newark Showground was a case in point, generating queues on the A1, A17 and A46 from the early hours of the Thursday.
Energy answers
­— R. SMITH, Newark (Full address supplied).
There is an ongoing debate about the pros and cons of wind turbines and the amount of green energy they produce.

I do not claim to have any specialist knowledge of the efficiency or otherwise of wind turbines, but on paper the principle of harnessing the elements as renewable energy sources is hard to resist.

On the far less technical matter of the appearance of turbines, I have to say I do not find them offensive.
Waiting time
— W. PELL, Hill Field Farm, Flawborough.
A short time ago I took an elderly gentleman to the accident and emergency department at the Queen’s Medical Centre, Nottingham.

We waited six hours just to get four stitches in his head.

More recently I fell down hard in Bingham Market Place.
Warm welcome
— MIRIAM RITCHIE, Metcalfe Close, Southwell.
I have been a volunteer in the Southwell Tourist Information Office since it first opened in 2005, under the guidance of Sue Rogers.

I feel strongly that Southwell town councillors should have got their facts right before addressing a finance and policy committee meeting (In Search Of Origins, Southwel, Advertiser, October 16).

All volunteers greet visitors. Some visitors are happy to browse unobtrusively, while some local people know exactly what they want — bus and train timetables, what’s on information, etc.
Enright Close fulfilled a social need
­— DOREEN LANGFORD, Marlborough Close, Newark.
I read with interest the reports, Concern Over Mental Health Care Provision (Advertiser, October 9) and Staff Member Labels Unit Closure A Sham (Advertiser, October 16).

These reports relate to the closure of Enright Close. the mental health unit off Boundary Road, Newark.

I have my own concerns regarding the demise of this unit after attending two meetings at Holy Trinity Church Hall, Newark.
Case closed
— CAROL WELLER, High Street, Collingham.
Many thanks to the brave staff member who exposed the Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust’s misinformation surrounding the closure of Enright Close (Staff Member Labels Unit Closure A Sham, Advertiser, October 16).

The article confirmed the anxieties expressed across these pages in relation to the closure of the mental health unit on Boundary Road, New-ark.

Many thanks, also, to this newspaper for its comprehensive reporting of the Enright Close controversy in recent months.
Reporting back
— R. FRYER, Newark (Full address supplied).
I read with great interest recent letters and articles about NHS trusts’ consultation processes, and particularly whether local councillors were made aware of various proposals for hospital, ambulance and mental health provision in the Newark area.

May I suggest that the current situation could be improved by Newark and Sherwood District Council’s chief executive giving a senior council official a monitoring role examining the websites, minutes, reports and agendas of meetings of the various NHS trusts responsible for these services in the district.

This official could then report to the appropriate cabinet or committee members, who could bring the information, and responses to it, to the full council, and eventually members of the public through the local press.
Planting project
— (Mrs) S. BOWMAN, Lime Grove, Newark.
Over recent years many beautiful trees in our district have been cut down to enable building development or because of age and/or disease.

It would be wonderful to see a major tree planting programme this autumn.

Trees provide clean air and habitats for wildlife as well as being very attractive.
Support service
— W. PELL, Hill Field Farm, Flawborough.
A short time ago I took an elderly gentleman to the accident and emergency department at the Queen’s Medical Centre, Nottingham.

We waited six hours just to get four stitches in his head.

More recently I fell down hard in Bingham Market Place.
Added expense on night out in town
— CORA TOWNSON, Church Street, Barkston.
Be on your guard if visiting Newark for a night’s entertainment.

We went to the Odeon cinema and bought a parking ticket at 5.25pm.

We looked at the charges sign that said they applied from 8am-6pm, so put £1 in the machine. My daughter even gave £1 to another chap who didn’t have any change.
Dualling option
­— D. PRINCE, Balderton (Full address supplied).
The Advertiser recently highlighted the terrible traffic problems often encountered in Newark.

The problems may be at their worst on Friday afternoons but that is by no means the only time that drivers have to be patient.

Having said that it is ridiculous that it can take, at particularly busy times, more than 30 minutes to get from one side of a relatively small market town to the other.
Falling short
— ANNI KEENE, Whitfield Street, Newark.
A few weeks ago, in the same week, the Advertiser carried the news of a possible Sainsbury’s supermarket on Great North Road, Newark, and twice as many trains stopping at the town’s Castle rail station every hour.

That’s the barriers down four times an hour — plus freight trains.

New offices for Newark and Sherwood District Council are proposed to be built between the two, but has anyone noticed that it’s a very short road?
Restore lanes
— A. STREETS, Newark (Full address supplied).
I feel I must reply to the letter, Build A Bridge (News Views, October 9).

I cannot see how building a bridge over the rail line at Newark Castle Station would ease the town’s congestion problems.

All it may do is help people get to the proposed Sainsbury’s supermarket a bit quicker.
Looking ahead
— BOB HART, Fairway, Newark.
I refer to Councillor Kay Cutts’ letter (National Rights, News Views, October 9) pointing out the inevitable and necessary reorganisation of English government as a consequence of the Scottish referendum and its aftermath.

Such reorganisation will need to include a major review of the cost, ineffiiciency and duplication of the current two- tier system of local government in Nottinghamshire and elsewhere.

In any assessment, a single governing local authority for those areas without them has to be the way forward, and huge cost savings would be bound to ensue.
Waste offers opportunity for energy generation
— RICHARD BARKER, development manager, Peel Environmental, Peel Dome, The Trafford Centre, Manchester.
Nottinghamshire County Council has had some important decisions to make recently about how it deals with residents’ waste.

Recent council reports show that last year more than 131,000 tonnes of Nottinghamshire’s residual household waste (what is left after recycling) was sent to landfill.

Under recently-approved plans, more than 60% of the county’s residual household waste would be transported out of the county for treatment.
In the dark
— P. CHAMBERS, Bald-erton (Full address supplied).
On Mondays I drive from Balderton to Claypole at about 7.45pm. The nights have drawn in and it is dark at this time.

I am horrified at the number of youths, dressed in black, cycling with no lights. What are their parents thinking?

They should at least ensure they have working lights on their bikes.
Distant treatment
­— JOHN KIRTON, Main Street, Coddington.
I was recently given an appointment at Retford Hospital, this being the earliest one available.

After my visit I was asked to return for further tests.

I immediately asked if these could be arranged at Newark Hospital, which is three or four miles from my home ­— Retford being nearer 30 miles.

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