7:23am Thu Nov 26, 2015
While nothing can ease the pain family and friends of Luca Cioci are feeling after his tragic death, they can take comfort from the instinctive response of his work colleagues and the wider community.
Should schools be subject to yearly Ofsted inspections?

eg: Restaurant, School
Nothing is free
— VIC HALL, Queen Street, Balderton.
Recent Advertiser headlines about a free school being planned for Newark did not fill my heart with joy, as I was always told that nothing in this world is ever free.

I agree that the number of students leaving Newark for schools outside the area is abhorrent, but to try to eliminate that with a free school is not the right way of correcting it.

Free schools do not need the support of the county council to open and are funded fully by the Government.
Answers please
— ALASTAIR FROGGATT, old Magnusian, Newark (Full address supplied).
Just what has gone wrong with Newark schools?

Children were once brought by train and bus to the Magnus and Lilley and Stone schools from Nottingham, Mansfield and other distant areas.

But now that is reversed, with Newark children being bussed to other distant schools.
Local education
— MALCOLM GOODMAN, Newark (Full address supplied).
Though I’m no expert with regard to school education, following the Advertiser’s various articles about The Newark Academy and proposed Toot Hill Newark free school I am amazed and appalled at some of the debate that is going on

It would be great if the Advertiser could start a debate and campaign on the basis of Newark schools for Newark children.

It is so obvious that if you send all the better children out of town to other schools the local schools with all the rest will have poor average results.
Improve existing schools
— CHRIS ADAMS, Newark Liberal Democrats, Brewers Wharf, Newark.
The proposal by the Torch Academy Gateway Trust to establish an additional secondary school in Newark is controversial.

Despite the term, free school, readers need to be clear that funding for any new school will come from the public purse and not from interested parents.

It seems perverse that after many millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money have been spent on a very welcome rebuild at The Newark Academy, and when the academy itself may be making staff redundant due to insufficient pupil numbers, that even more public money should be used to set up another school.
Talent on show
— JOHN STEPHENSON, Marton Road, Newark.
It was a pleasure and privilege to have been in the audience when the Palace Theatre, Newark, hosted the timeless classic, The Sound Of Music, performed to an extremely high standard by the New Youth Theatre Junior Group.

This very popular musical strikes a resounding note with audiences to this day, and the performance by these young and extremely talented performers was no exception.

At the end tremendous cheering and rapturous applause from a packed theatre said it all.
Dance memories
— (Mrs) BETTY MARSDEN, Seaview Gardens, Maidstone, Kent.
I was interested to read in the 50 Years Ago column (Advertiser, November 5) about the annual dance for staff and friends of Warwicks and Richardsons Ltd in the Newark Town Hall ballroom in November 1965.

This was interesting for me as it was my first proper dance with my husband-to-be.

I was 16 years-old and it was a fantastic night.
Mixed messages
— R. GRAVES, Main Street, Farndon.
The chairman of Newark and Sherwood District Council leisure and environment committee, Tony Roberts, seems delighted about residents’ increased use of dry recycling silver bins (Helping Recycling Rates To Grow, Advertiser, November 19).

This prompted me to check the Newark and Sherwood recycling website (sad, I know) and discover to my horror that I may inadvertently have been guilty of contamination, and on a potentially massive scale.

Even with a magnifying glass you’d struggle to read some of the symbols on plastic supermarket fruit trays and I adopt the principle of “illegible, or no symbol, equals don’t recycle.”

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