7:25am Thu Jul 30, 2015
Some believe community spirit has all but vanished from modern society, with fewer people being prepared to look out for their neighbours. An incident in Farndon at the weekend went some way to disproving that theory.
Should the length of school summer holidays be reduced?

eg: Restaurant, School
No solution
R. GRAVES, Main Street, Farndon.
We are told long-term solutions to Newark’s traffic problems could cost £200m (Ten-year, £200m Plan To End Gridlock Misery, Advertiser, July 16).

No it won’t, because there isn’t a long-term solution.

Dualling the A1 was once seen as a marvellous step forward — now it’s not enough and three-lane stretches are considered essential.
Slow process
MARTIN ANDERSON, Collingham (Full address supplied).
No doubt many other readers were horrified and read with dismay the comments of Victoria Lazenby, from Highways England Midlands, that plans to improve the road network around Newark would take five years to prepare.

“It may seem like a long time but we want to do the job properly,” she said (Ten-year, £200m Plan To End Gridlock Misery, Advertiser, July 16).

Mrs Lazenby and her staff should come to Newark on the A46 on the next few Fridays and see what the people and businesses have to put up with.
Positive Outlook
FELICITY MILNER, Orchard Avenue, Bingham.
I, for one, welcome the Positive Futures project in Bingham.

I have been saying for years that more should be done to encourage our youngsters to become more involved in their local surroundings in a positive way.

Art reflecting local wildlife and nature such as plants, trees and insects could enable them to show their talents.
Make more of our town
(Mrs) J. Langley, Sheldrake Road, Newark.
A friend of mine recently came to visit from down south.

We went to the National Civil War Centre and were surprised at the time that it wasn’t very well defined where the entrance was, although I know that has since been rectified.

The centre was interesting and informative and will, obviously, be even better once all the rooms are finished.
Make MIU bigger
— KEVIN SCOTT, Newark (Full address supplied).
Can anyone explain why money is going to be spent altering the entrance to New-ark Hospital’s Minor Injuries Unit and reducing the planned original internal area by 50% from 207sq m to 98sq m?

We do not need GPs at the hospital — we have surgeries for that. We need doctors at the hospital and the MIU should be enlarged.

If more people were taken to Newark Hospital by EMAS, the time saved by not going to King’s Mill, QMC or Lincoln means we wouldn’t have to wait so long for ambulances and have people waiting for two hours.
Call for Orchard School progress
­— VIC HALL, Queen Street, Balderton.
I HOPE that the courageous and inspiring Alex Manley, a pupil at Newark Orchard School, received a positive reply to her letter asking for David Cameron to intervene and help get a new school built (Dear Mr Cameron: Please Can We Have A New School? Advertiser, June 4).

A new school would enable Alex and her friends to reach their full potential.

Our MP has been assured schools minister Nicky Morgan will visit the school and meet with Nottinghamshire County Council (Sign Up To Show Support, Advertiser, July 2).
Dancing delight
­— JILL and IAN WESELBY, Harewood Avenue, Newark.
Congratulations to Kids & Co school of dance for its fantastic show, Dream On A Star.

Yet again Elaine Varney’s brilliant choreography provided the audience with a variety of excellent dance routines.

The choice of music also added to the variety and the costumes were beautiful.
Family search
— SANDRA PEMBLETON, 60 Church Street, Kirkby-in-Ashfield, NG17 8LE.
I am hoping to find a cousin who was born Gillian Lee in 1945 in Mansfield.

Her father was Harold V. Lee, born 1917 in Chesterfield, and her mother was Hilda M. Parkin.

Gillian was married in Mansfield in 1966 to George W. Williamson.
Canine query
— NICOLA WHEATCROFT, Oakdale, Station Road, Fiskerton.
Earlier this year myself and my mum were speaking to a lady waiting outside Aldi in Newark with two very patient dogs.

One was a smooth-coated white and tan Parson Russell terrier (long-legged) and the other looked similar to a fox — it may have been a Shiba Inu, but I can’t be certain.

We commented on how similar her Parson Russell terrier was to ours and I recall her saying she had got the dog from somewhere between Southwell and Mansfield.
Crash course
— PAUL DACHTLER, Fosse Road, Farndon.
While travelling home from work from Nottingham on July 14 I was amazed to see an accident with two cars on the A46 roundabout at Farndon.

This must, I feel, have been the first, or one of the first, accidents on the island since Highways England changed it from three lanes to two.

While I think changing the island to two lanes and clearly marking each lane has improved safety, I feel Highways England should have marked out which lane to be in on the approach road from Farndon and Newark.
Lane changes don't help
— DAVID GANE, Pinfold Lane, Elston.
Recent changes to the controversial A46 Farndon roundabout intended to make it safer have, in my opinion, actually made safety matters worse.

Motorists approaching the roundabout on the A46 from both north and south now find two lanes turning into three.

The inside main lane becomes a ‘turn left’ lane, while the outside main lane splits into two, with one for drivers going straight on and one for those turning right.

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