The Advertiser has reported on drivers creating rat-runs along Cartergate, Newark, to avoid jams caused by Severn Trent’s sewerage system replacement work (Drivers Cut Through To Dodge Jams, March 15).

This madness is not new.

The irresponsible actions of drivers and cyclists has been going in Cartergate for a number of years, with no sign of any action being taken against it by our local authorities.

Over the past three or four years at least I have witnessed, many times, idiot drivers proceeding, often at ridiculous speed, up Cartergate towards Appletongate, and beyond.

This is not for access, but just because they are using it as a cut-through.

I have witnessed, more than once, a vehicle turning into Cartergate, from Baldertongate or Barnbygate, and then drive the wrong way down to the Beaumond Cross traffic lights.

It is a frightening thing to observe while children and grown-ups alike are walking along, not knowing these vehicles are behind them.

Only a few days ago my wife and I saw a car come past the Palace Theatre and drive straight down Cartergate right to the lights.

The driver had gone past two No Entry signs to do so.

If anyone points out the error of their ways they are usually met with obscene hand gestures and/or obscene language.

Then there are the cyclists, young and old, doing exactly the same thing, and you certainly cannot hear them.

They fly by at speed, swerving in and out, sometimes catching pedestrians or their shopping bags.

They go through The Arcade, St Marks Precinct and the Market Place — nowhere is safe from them.

Yet there are no police officers, no PCSOs, no traffic wardens showing any interest.

Where is law enforcement in Newark these days?

I would suggest that councillors in this town have a walk round, open their eyes and sort the place out. — D. A. UNDERWOOD, Sydney Street, Newark.