There is no evidence to support the view that the cost of a flyover to carry the Nottingham-Lincoln railway over the East Coast Main Line at Newark would be astronomical (New Rail Flyover Would Be Years Down The Line, Advertiser, March 22).

Similar schemes, at Hitchen and Doncaster North, were delivered on time and on budget at a cost of around £45m.

The proximity to the river at Newark would certainly increase that but, even if it doubled, the cost would be £90m — good value for a transport project that should deliver journey time improvements of up to 20 minutes.

Put in perspective, the redevelopment of Reading station alone cost £895m and the dualling of the A46 south of Newark £350m.

There is overwhelming evidence that the East Midlands is not getting a fair share of the Government’s expenditure on infrastructure.

Over the six-year period from 2009-10 the national average expenditure on our railways was £109 a year per head of population. In London, it was £332 and in the East Midlands just £39.

That is totally unacceptable — a message that our politicians should be hammering home to Government at every opportunity.

The proposed flyover at Newark would bring real benefits to the area and contribute to driving economic growth in the Nottingham, Newark, Lincoln corridor.

It is exactly the type of transport project that the Government should be funding to address the chronic imbalance of infrastructure investment in the East Midlands. — BOB POYNTER, Nixon Way, Collingham.