Following your excellent article regarding the traffic problems on Cartergate and Baldertongate (Drivers Cut Through To Dodge Jams, Advertiser, March 15) I naively expected an improvement.

Of course, I was wrong and the situation has not improved.

We often use Baldertongate, having parked at the London Road carpark, and normally it is no problem.

However, since Cartergate became a rat-run it has been very risky as we have to push my son in his wheelchair, and the drivers do not even slow down.

I have even witnessed motorists sounding their horns at pedestrians.

As usual, no one wants to take responsibility for the situation.

Surely the simple solution is to have rising bollards at the start of the pedestrianised areas? They work well enough outside Boots.

In the short-term, the council could erect temporary barriers — or is that too much effort/expense? Blow the risk to the public.

It would just be a pleasant surprise if anything was done, but I won’t hold my breath. — John Newstead, Main Street, North Muskham.