How can we ever hope to alleviate the increasing litter problem in Newark when one encounters the attitude that I have?

Two young teenagers (plenty of litter-dropping years ahead of them, one suspects) about to enter WH Smith on Market Place, screwed up their sandwich wrapping and deliberately dropped them on the pavement. 

Upon my accosting them and asking if they had finished with them, one replied: ‘It’s not mine...’

I called after her that this was a barefaced lie, as I had seen her action, but received not the slightest recognition of my comment.

Since the extensive work  commenced in October on the Newark College end of Beacon Hill Road and its junction with Friary Road, my husband and I no longer retrieve the litter dropped on this section as far as Eastern Terrace Lane because cans, plastic bottles, cigarette packets, etc, are so muddied and wet one would need to go out with specialist equipment to retrieve them. 

Hence there is an increased build-up of detritus, both within and outside the caged-off drainage work areas, which I am sure also applies in other parts of town similarly affected by the drainage work.

However, the whole problem hinges on the attitude of the public — so this letter goes full circle, back to thoughtless  actions. — Kirsty M. Adlard, Eastern Court, Newark.