I read with great interest the revelations regarding Morgan Tucker Limited (Employment Judge Awards 90 Days’ Pay To Redundant Staff, Advertiser, March 22).

A loan had been given by Newark and Sherwood District Council to that company in 2015, of which £241,095 was outstanding, when they ceased trading in 2017.

How can any council think that it is a good idea to grant loans to business in this time of cutbacks, particularly bearing in mind the size of the balance outstanding, and why was the company not continually monitored by the council?

Losing that money may mean that a high number of deserving causes in the area could be starved of funding.

No wonder we face increases in council tax every year.

When is the council going to realise it is not their money to spend, but it belongs to all the council tax payers in the district? — Michael Briggs, Rupert Crescent, Newark.